How to Create a Gmail Account in 2022

Find out the main steps to create a Gmail account. It is a free and essential need to get started on the Internet.

Essentials to Create a Gmail account

Summary of the Eight important steps to create your new email address with Gmail:

  1. Access Gmail at
  2. Click on the Create Account button 
  3. Complete the given form. The username is the Unique identifier of your email address.
  4. Click on the Next Step button 
  5. Read the terms of Gmail then tick on the I accept button
  6. Click on the Continue to Gmail button
  7. View the Guide of the service
  8. Click on Go to Gmail

All these steps are explained in a detailed way in the last part of the article

What is an email account for?

An e-mail also called an electronic address or e-mail account is primarily used to communicate on the Internet. With e-mail, you can communicate with all your relatives, colleagues and friends. Thus, they can also easily reply to you by written messages, documents, photos, music, etc, the email address is your contact details on the Internet. 

Your email account will be very useful for you during your exploration of new technologies, new Websites, new apps, so it will be useful for example to:

  • Write messages and send photos to your Colleagues, Friends & Family
  • Write messages to companies or organizations to easily request information,
  • Register on websites to join a community to participate in discussion forums or to online purchases etc.
  • Register to applications such as Zoom to communicate via Video Call
  • Participate in contests over the Internet,
  • Stay informed on the topics that matter to you by subscribing to Newsletters

How to create a Gmail Account?

The first step to Create a Gmail Account is to go to the Gmail home page. To do this, open any internet browser and Go to

Click on the Create an account Text at the bottom of the page. You then arrive on a page which offers you a form to fill out on the right of the screen :

Fill in the Fields with your:

  • First name,
  • Name,
  • The username that will determine your final email address,
  • password,
  • confirm your password,
  • Your date of birth, your gender, and your country.

Your Mobile number and current address fields are not Mandatory. If your username is already used by another user, the service specifies it to you as soon as you finish entering the username. It will offer you other possibilities

  • choose from one of the Possibilities
  • Enter your new username.

Once all the required fields have been correctly entered, click on the ” Next step ” button 

You must remember your username and password.

The next screen presents you with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You must accept them to proceed. To Accept, scroll the text to the end so that the ” I accept  ” button  turns blue

The next screen will welcome you to Gmail messaging. At this step, simply click on the ” Continue to Gmail ” button.

Before accessing your Gmail account, Google offers you an overview of the service. If you are interested you can read and click on the Next button until you reach the end of the overview. The overview is not long, it is on all 4 pages.

Click on Go to Gmail and you will finally be in your Gmail inbox.

The Gmail account creation is completed, your email will have an address like  [your username] @ For information, is called the domain name of your mailbox.

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