How to Mute someone on Twitter | Easy Method

Discover how to mute someone on Twitter to improve the content of your feed and take a break from those annoying users.

Our social networks are a great tool if we know how to use them properly, so in this article, we will explain how to mute someone on Twitter. We all know a contact or user whose content we see every day without really feeling like it, so it’s time to put an end to that uncomfortable presence without having to stop following or blocking them. Muting is one of the most powerful and effective weapons we have at our disposal in the social network of the little bluebird.

To mute someone, we have to go to their user profile. At the top right of our screen, we will find an icon with three dots. Press there and several options will appear. Choose ‘Mute’ and a message will appear asking us to confirm that we really want to stop seeing their tweets or tweets.

Of course, when you mute a person, if they mention you they will not appear in your notifications, so you should make sure they are not a close contact who can write to you, otherwise, they might suspect that you have muted them when they see that you do not respond to them after a while.

How to mute a Tweet

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There are those who prefer not to opt for such a drastic solution and want to know only how to mute a particular tweet. This option is not available, but you do have the alternative to mute a specific word, so you avoid going one by one and leave that term on your blacklist of words you don’t want to see in your Timeline. This only applies to your main feed, if you search for the muted word in the Twitter search bar, you will find results.

To mute words on Twitter, pull down the main menu (three stripes icon on the top left of your screen), and go to Settings and privacy. Then, go to Privacy and security and scroll down until you see the ‘Security‘ option. There you will already find ‘Silenced words‘, where you can add new words by clicking on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom right.

How to mute a conversation on Twitter

Finding out how to mute a conversation on Twitter can also save us a lot of headaches. Who more who less, we have all suddenly found ourselves in a sea of notifications because of a conversation in which we were quoted but in which we have not participated at all.

To mute it, we just have to click on the icon of the three dots that we will find to the right of any tweet of the conversation, and the option ‘Mute conversation‘ will appear. We press there and the rest of the users can continue replying to each other until infinity, we will not receive anything of what is written.

How to mute a Twitter Thread

If you are interested in knowing how to mute a thread on Twitter because you can’t stand the intense people who announce the agony they are going to subject us to with the words “I open thread”, the way is similar to the one we used in the previous point, since a thread is nothing more than a conversation with yourself.

We press the icon of the three dots, choose the option ‘Mute conversation‘ and that thread will no longer disturb us, neither during the minutes in which the tweeter on duty is writing it nor afterward. A quick, effective, painless, and, best of all, discreet solution. Neither he nor anyone else will know that you have silenced that conversation.

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