How to fix ‘There was an error opening your printer’ in Photoshop

Find out how to fix ‘There was an error opening your printer’. The Photoshop tool is one of the best photo editing tools, since it has many functions, one of them is that it allows each and every one of its users to make prints of the creations that are made in it directly, but there are occasions in which this option does not work in the correct way as for example when the error ‘There was an error opening your printer’ appears.

If you have already had the error mentioned above, do not worry, in the following article we will explain the causes and the solutions in a simple way.

Main causes of ‘There was an error opening your printer’.

The error There was an error opening your Photoshop printer can occur for any of the reasons we will show you below:

The most common cause of this error is a misconfiguration of the Photoshop tool in relation to the printer you want to use.

  • Outdated Photoshop application, if it is out of date it can cause different errors including There was an error when opening your printer.
  • If the printer has internal or external problems such as connection problems, it also causes the error mentioned above.
  • Printer driver out of date.

How to resolve ‘There was an error opening your printer’ within Photoshop?

If you have already encountered the error ‘There was an error opening your printer’ in Photoshop, don’t worry, here are the solutions for this error:

Reset the printer settings.

The first method is to reset the printer preferences for the Photoshop tool, the procedure for this is as follows:

  • Close the Photoshop tool, in case you have it open.
  • Open the Photoshop tool normally.
  • Inside Photoshop find and open the file you want to print.
  • Open the File menu of the tool, then go to the Print section.
  • Move your mouse over the print option, do not select it.
  • Then press the space bar on your keyboard for more than 5 seconds, this will open the printer preferences settings for the tool, click on the OK option in the window to reset the preferences.
  • Try to print your creation again.

Try another printer

Change the default printer of the Photoshop tool for a new one, to achieve this apply the steps that we will give you next:

  • Open the Photoshop application on your PC.
  • Find the creation you want to print, then open it.
  • Open the dialog box, to achieve this press on your keyboard the Ctrol + P keys.
  • Click on the Printer Settings option.
  • Inside the new window select the Printer option.
  • After you do this you will be shown a list of printers, select a new one.
  • When you select a new one you will be shown the Ready option, click on it and then on the OK option.
  • Close the Photoshop tool and start it again.
  • To finish proceed to open the printer settings, in these settings activate the option Default printer, when you finish click on the option Accept changes.

Edit the printer registry

In the registry editor errors can appear that do not allow the connection of correct form between the printer and the Photoshop tool, to correct any error of the registry editor it applies the steps that will be given to you next:

  • Open and run REGEDIT on your computer, to do this press the keys Windows + R, in the window that will open place the word REGEDIT and then press the enter key.
  • Next it will open the registry editor in 3 the you must place the following thing:
  • Computer “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware”, in which you must place the following: Computer “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware”.
  • Among the folders that will be opened you will find one with the number 16.0, right click on it.
  •  In the menu that will appear select the New option, then select the DWORD Value (32 bits) option.
  • Modify the name of the current value, you must put in its place the following one:
  • OverridePhysicalMemoryMB
  • After you have done this, select the OverridePhysicalMemoryMB option.
  • A dialog box will open and you will find the Decimal option, select it.
  • In the space where you must indicate data of the value you must place the amount of megabytes of the RAM memory that your equipment supports. Example if this is 8 GB the amount that you must place is 8000.
  • When you finish with the above, click on Save.

Updating the drivers

The last method of solution is to update the printer drivers, the procedure to achieve this shown below:

  • Place in the search bar of your browser Device Manager, then click.
  • As a result you will be given the Device Manager, click on it.
  • In the new page you will have to look for the option Print Queues, when you get it expand it.
  • Then right click your mouse on the printer that is presenting problems, in the menu that will open select the option Update the driver.
  • Then select the option Automatically get updated driver software, your computer system will search for available updates and apply them automatically.
  • When you finish the above, turn off and turn on your PC, then open the Photoshop tool and select the Default Printer option. If none of the functions that were shown to you worked, it is because the problem is with the version of the tool, in this case we recommend that you update Photoshop to the latest version.
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