How to delete my YouTube search history from my mobile or PC?

Learn how to delete my YouTube search history from my mobile or PC. Undoubtedly, one of the most used social networks today is YouTube. This is because on this platform there is content for absolutely all tastes, as there are millions of channels that are constantly uploading material that can be enjoyed for free. 

In addition, with Youtube you can generate constant income if you manage to customize your channel correctly and upload constant videos, in this way you will get subscribers and followers who will be loyal to your content.

To get the most out of this tool, it is important to be informed about its correct use. In this article you will learn several facts that will help you use Youtube in an effective way. The information we will focus on has to do with the search history. Specifically, we will discuss the process you should follow to delete it.  

What are the steps to delete YouTube playback history?

The methods you need to follow to achieve this goal are quite simple. The first step you must follow to make use of this function is to open YouTube, accessing your account. After that, you must select the ‘library’ tab and then click on ‘history’.

The next step to follow is to click on ‘remove history’. Upon completion of this process, the Youtube search history will automatically disappear. Another method you can use is to go to the search engine and simply press the ‘x’ that appears next to the names of each video you have recently visited.

As you have noticed, deleting the history on Youtube is relatively easy and simple, this is because Youtube has become a very intuitive and friendly social network for daily use, regardless of the age of the users.

How can you delete all YouTube search history?

It is important to mention that the process mentioned above, may differ depending on the device used to perform this action. That is why in this space we will tell you which methods you can use, depending on the device you use to browse through this social network.

Read on and you will learn this information in a very simple way, so that you can achieve this feat without any inconvenience. It is also essential that you understand that each device has its own ways to delete the history, although in many cases they are similar.

With the cell phone application

Nowadays, most people use their cell phones to access all their social networks, including YouTube. Deleting the history is also possible from a mobile device. The first thing you must do to make use of this function is to open the application from your cell phone, and then go to the top right of the screen.

The next step to follow is to press the icon that leads directly to your account data. After this, you need to select the ‘settings’, to finally press the ‘history and privacy’ section, where you can click on ‘delete search history’.

From a SmartTV

Another of the devices that are used quite frequently nowadays, are the so-called ‘SmartTVs’. On these devices you can also make use of all the tools provided by Youtube, including the deletion of search history. Be sure to keep your Smart TV updated with the latest software so that it does not present problems or failures when using Youtube or other programs.

The process of deleting history on Smart TV can be a bit tedious, especially if you are not familiar with the particular device, but the truth is, the process of deleting history is quite simple.

The process you need to follow when you are using this device is exactly the same as the one mentioned above. That is to say, you need to go to the settings, enter the privacy section and finally proceed to delete the search history so that no previously performed actions are recorded.

With your PC on the website

Despite the many technological changes, there are also many people who prefer to enter Youtube through a more traditional method, that is, through a PC, by entering the website. In this case, deleting the history is much easier.

When you enter the platform, all you have to do is click on the button next to the Youtube icon. Afterwards, you should select the ”history” option, and finally click on ”delete all search history”.

The reason why deleting the history through the pc is easier than trying it on other devices is because Youtube is more oriented and trained to be used on computers. Although nowadays the technological advancement has made Youtube to be enjoyed on many devices in a simple way.

How to pause YouTube search and playback history?

In addition to the elimination of the search history on this platform, another action that can be easily performed is to pause it, in order not to record new visits to the videos. By performing this action, it is also quite likely that some stations that have already been customized will not appear on the home screen.

As for the steps that are necessary to pause the search and playback history on YouTube, it is worth mentioning that they are quite simple. The first step is to click on the profile picture and then click on the option called privacy and location. Subsequently, the option ‘pause playback history’ is activated.

Now that you know how to delete your YouTube history, you can enjoy a little more of this great social network of videos and entertainment. Knowing how to delete the history never hurts, you never know when you will want to use it, either because you did not like the videos you saw and want to delete them.

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