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Spotify is a program or application created in mid-2006 that has as its primary purpose the reproduction of music, music videos and podcasts, initially from our computer, through an internet connection and via streaming, which would allow us to access all its great music catalog without the need to have downloaded the files on our hard drive.

By allowing in Spotify’s paid plans the playback of content in Off-line mode, it makes us assume a certain way of downloading the music to our devices, which is not entirely true, since the music can not be played by any other means or program other than Spotify’s own.

Despite being its mobile versions currently the most popular among its users, still a large number of them, at some point use their versions designed to play their content from the computer, so in this article we will show you how to make it easier and more practical access from it, being a user of the Windows 10 operating system.

What is needed to create a shortcut to Spotify?

Mainly we need to have the application downloaded on our equipment or computer. We can download it directly from the official Spotify website and we will get an executable file for installation, we just need to follow the steps.

If you have the application downloaded

Once the application is downloaded and installed, we look for the program in our search bar that is located next to the start button or ‘Windows’ by typing the name ‘Spotify’. Once we have the search result, we click with the right mouse button and select ‘Pin to taskbar’ from the options displayed and it will automatically create a shortcut in the taskbar.

If we want the shortcut to be on our ‘Desktop’ we must first locate the location of the Spotify executable file on our computer as follows:

We perform the search from our bar as we did in the first case, we right click, but in this case we select the option ‘Open File Location’.

Once we open the folder where the file is located, we select again the Spotify icon with the right mouse button and one of the options that are displayed will be ‘Create shortcut’. Clicking on this option will automatically create the shortcut on the desktop.

To create a shortcut from the web

One of the options to enjoy this application without having to download the program on our computer is the Spotify Web version, which is nothing more than the version of the app for our browser and allows us to enjoy the content we manage in our account by accessing it directly from a web page.

If we want to create a shortcut to this Spotify Web page, the process will depend on the browser we are using, although in general it is similar between the most used browsers.

In the case of Google Chrome browser the procedure is as follows: Once our browser is open and the Spotify Web page is located, we click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the browser window, where it will display the ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’ options.

Once the options of this Chrome customization section are visible, we will select the one that says ‘More tools’, displaying a second batch, where we will find ‘Create shortcut’.

Once this procedure is done, it will give us the option to check if we want to ‘Open as a window’ the shortcut created, for convenience I recommend that it is selected and this way we can enjoy this page individually without interfering with other activities we are doing in the browser, but it is optional and will depend on our taste.

What is the procedure to add the Spotify Widget on your PC?

We must press at the same time the Windows + G keys, displaying the customization menu of the Windows Games bar. Then we select the option and select the Spotify Widget.

Once selected the Widget will ask us to log in, and we will enter the program as we usually do, either with our username and password or with our Facebook, Apple or Google account.

Once logged in, the only thing left to do is to place the application widget in the place on the screen where it suits us best. This option will allow us to have a comfortable, easy and quick access to the most basic functions of the application without having to open the program completely.

Is it possible to create a shortcut to a Spotify web feature?

To perform this procedure we just need to log in to Our Spotify account via the web, select the playlist to which we want to create access and press ‘Share’. Select the option ‘Copy link to playlist’ and paste it into the address bar in another browser window.

Once we have done the previous thing we only must enter to the menu of our navigator, in the case of Chrome we click in the three points located in the superior right corner, and we locate the option of ‘more tools’, followed by ‘Create shortcut’ which will automatically create us this route in the desktop.

How to make a widget to a specific Spotify song or artist?

If we want to create a widget for a specific artist or playlist we go to Spotify, click on the menu indicated with the three dots, press Share and copy the link. Then go to the Sing for Spotify app and click Add so that the application recognizes it and displays its cover.  Note that you can only create one custom widget.

This option of custom phone widgets is currently available only for Android and iOS, but it is not ruled out that they can be introduced later for users of different computer operating systems.

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