How to upload photos to Twitter without losing quality

Follow step by step these tips on how to upload photos to Twitter without losing quality and amaze your followers with your best images.

One of the biggest headaches for many film and photography professionals has always been how to upload photos to Twitter without losing quality. The cuts and weight limits when uploading images have traditionally been a burden that, little by little, this social network is trying to correct, although we must always keep in mind that Twitter is not a platform based on images, but on short messages

On May 5, Twitter announced that images would no longer appear cropped in the TL of users in the application, which freed us from that extra step that always forced us to look for the ideal cut of 1.91:1 so that our images would not appear cropped when we published them. In the same way, the number of tweeters demanding to increase the weight of the photographs is another of the battles that are being waged.

Twitter currently allows uploads of up to five megabytes, according to its Help Center. The approximate size of an agency photographs, at its maximum resolution, is usually around 15 MB, so the limitation when it comes to publishing them is more than obvious. The formats in which a photo can be uploaded to Twitter are JPEG, PNG, and GIF (in this case the limit is extended to 15 MB if the web version is used).

Within these limits, to be able to upload high-quality photos to Twitter we will have to modify our settings. We drop down the main menu (icon with the three stripes that we will find at the top left of the app) and access ‘Settings and privacy. In ‘Data usage’, we will have to make sure that we have deactivated the ‘Data saver’.

There we will find a section called ‘High-quality image uploads’, where we will have to click and activate ‘Mobile data and Wi-Fi’ or ‘Wi-Fi only’ depending on what type of connection we want to use to upload our high-resolution images up to 4K. This option is now available on all Android and iOS devices, so if you don’t see them, you’ll need to download the latest Twitter update.

Upload videos to Twitter without losing quality


Those interested in uploading videos to Twitter without losing quality also have to keep in mind the same aspect as with images: this is not a social network that revolves around video. The maximum resolution of a video on Twitter will have to be 1920×1200 or 1200×1920 (depending on whether it is recorded vertically or horizontally -verticals work better on this social network-), with a duration that cannot exceed two minutes and 20 seconds (140 seconds) and a size limit of 512 MB.

With these weapons, we will have to play to adapt, in addition to making sure that our video is in MP4 or MOV format. We can also use one of the many video compressors that we can find on the Internet to take up less space without compromising quality, but they are usually paid services and, if you can do it for free, your video can hardly reach 512 MB, in addition to appearing with a watermark, which is not recommended if you want to show a 100% professional image.

How to improve the quality of photos on Twitter

If you want to know how to improve the quality of photos on Twitter to see them in their maximum resolution, go back to ‘Data usage’ and in ‘High-quality images’ choose the connection you want to use to see them in detail. Note that this consumes more data which can leave you very limited for the rest of the month, so you may want to use good Wi-Fi.

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