How to view tweets from a specific date on Twitter

Find out how to view tweets from a specific date on Twitter by following these simple steps.

Among its many utilities, the possibility of how to see tweets of a specific date on Twitter can be one of its most interesting functions, since they allow this social network to become a huge newspaper library that allows us to retrieve information quickly and efficiently.

To locate tweets from a specific date we will have to use Twitter’s ‘Advanced Search‘ tool. The only bad thing is that this function is not available in the mobile application, so we can only use it from our computer.

Once we have opened the Twitter page, we use its search engine to make any search and we will see next to the text box an icon with three blue dots.

Click on that icon and a menu with three options will appear, among which we will choose ‘Advanced search‘.

Clicking there will open a window that will allow us to do a much more specific search, not only by words but also by the user, among many other options. If we scroll to the bottom of the window, we will find the possibility to filter by ‘Dates’. We enter in this section the dates we are interested in narrowing down in ‘From’ and ‘To’ and we only have to click on ‘Search‘ to see these much more exhaustive and specific results.

Of course, we must take into account that only tweets from public accounts are shown, leaving the private ones exempt as this content is not subject to Twitter’s search engine.

Why Twitter does not let me see all tweets

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Almost all users have ever wondered why Twitter does not let me see all tweets. This happens especially when we enter a trending topic and start to get lost in the tangle of conversations that are generated in the replies to a tweet with a lot of activity.

The most frequent reason why this can happen is that some of the participants in that conversation have a private account and we do not follow them (we would have to send them a request to follow them). It may also be the case that the conversation contains a tweet from a user that we have previously blocked or muted, or that the tweet includes a word that we have muted.

How to search for old tweets from my account

Users who want to know how to search for old tweets from their accounts can also use this tool, but they also have an extra alternative: request an archive of their Twitter activity. In this article, we explain how to request access to that archive, and you will be able to see your posts in chronological order. Our recommendation is that the advanced search is much more efficient (and faster).

We have a third option, much more handmade, and it is to write in the text box for searches the word we want to search and add in parentheses the term ‘from:’ followed by our username, for example: Twitter. In this way, we will have at our disposal all the searches we have done for that term and we will be able to sort it according to its performance (‘Featured’) or its date (‘Most recent’). You can use this trick in the mobile application, both on Android and iOS.

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