How to view Twitter notification history | Explained

Bypass the default filter and find out how to view Twitter notification history without missing a single mention.

It may seem obvious, but we do not always see all the notifications that come to us due to the quality filter, so in this article, we are going to explain how to see the history of Twitter notifications. When we install the application on our mobile, either to use a new account or an old one, Twitter comes with the quality filter activated, which means that we can miss many mentions or favorites.

This has an easy solution, we just have to deploy the main menu when entering the application (the icon with the three blue stripes at the top left of the screen) and choose ‘Settings and privacy’ to modify the default settings.

We then click on ‘Notifications’, where we can configure to our liking how we want to see this section on our mobile. To be able to see all notifications without any type of filter we will have to make sure that the ‘Quality filter’ box is unchecked.

How to filter notifications on Twitter

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On the other hand, if you are interested in knowing how to filter notifications on Twitter, you have two options: either you keep the quality filter that is activated by default or modifies the settings to your liking so that the tray presents the content you want to see. In the same screen of ‘Notifications’, we also have the option ‘Advanced filters’.

By clicking on this section, you can enter a much more personalized configuration. If you do not want to receive mentions from those who do not follow you (or those you do not follow), or you want to avoid the annoyance of receiving messages from accounts that do not even have profile pictures (the famous huevito23 that are usually bots that bring nothing but headaches), you just have to check the boxes you want.

This change in the settings is highly recommended especially for accounts that have a high volume of followers, which can be difficult to manage. Anyway, the tools that Twitter has been introducing to filter notifications have also proven to be a fantastic resource to avoid cases of cyberbullying, for example.

How to delete Twitter notifications

If in your case you do not want to modify the filters but you do want to delete a specific mention, you should know how to delete Twitter notifications. When you go to notifications, right next to each one you will find an icon with three dots. Depending on the type of notification (a like, a complaint, an RT, content suggestions…) you can choose ‘See less frequently’ so that the application detects that it is not something you want to have in your inbox.

On the other hand, in the case of mentions, we will have to click on the tweet and then on the icon on the right with the three dots. There we will see options, but we will not be able to delete them, we can only decide what we want to do with the user who sent it.

Thus, we have at our disposal the option to mute the conversation (we will no longer receive notifications of the interactions triggered by that tweet) or to mute the user, in which case we will no longer know when he/she mentions us. The most radical option, blocking the user, is also available in these cases, but we have already detailed in previous articles that this is not always the best option. To block a user without him noticing there are some methods such as the so-called soft blocking that you can also use, although muting is always the best alternative to avoid possible conflicts, especially if it is our boss or very close contact.

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