How to search by topic on Twitter | Guide

Still don’t know how to search by topic on Twitter? Follow these steps to get even more out of this social network by finding just what you need.

Specialization is one of the keys to success in any social network, so in this article, we will show you how to search by topic on Twitter. Professionals and SME accounts need to know well the market in which they operate, so these searches are of vital importance to be aware of the most relevant content and also to get new ideas to apply to our profiles.

To search by topic on Twitter, the web will be a better ally than the application, although on our cell phone we can also do a good search by topic. Depending on the content we are looking for, when we click on the search tab, the magnifying glass icon in the bottom menu bar, the app will show us trends based on our activity, as well as accounts to follow that are somehow related to our profile.

However, when we include a term in the search engine, Twitter will not simply show us the latest tweets that contain it but offers a variety. As you can see in the example image, if we search for ‘technology’, the first thing that appears is the hashtag, followed by some terms that are trending according to our interests, and then several specialized accounts.

In the web version, it is easier to search by topic. If we scroll down a bit, we will see that on the right side of the screen we have a section of topics that we can follow. If they don’t suit your tastes, you can always click on ‘Show more’ to see a much wider selection. Once we follow a topic, Twitter will start to show them in a more recurrent way in our TL.

How to search for old tweets from an account

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One of the best features of Twitter is that it also serves as a newspaper archive, making it easy to search for old tweets from an account. From the application, this function is somewhat more limited, but if we type in the search bar what we want to search for and then ‘(from:user)’, we will see everything that the user has published in the past.

Advanced Twitter search

The advanced search service on Twitter is much more powerful from the web. By following this link you can access it and enter much more advanced filters to further refine the results you are looking for.

The advanced search allows us not only to search for the content of a specific user but also to narrow it down by dates so that we do not get lost in a tangle of tweets that prevent us from locating the content we want to locate. We also have at our disposal filters of the interaction that the user has had with the tweets we are looking for, or if he has mentioned another specific account.

In the event that you perform an advanced search and still do not find that tweet that you know was published at the time, it is not because there is a failure in the Twitter search engine. Simply put, it is likely that the user has a private account (which prevents you from being able to search on it) or has deleted the tweet in question, which makes it impossible to recover unless someone has made a screenshot that preserves it.

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