How to save mobile data on Twitter

Learn how to save mobile data on Twitter by following these simple tips and avoid running out of data quickly.

We all dread that warning we get from time to time warning us that we are at the limit of spending our monthly data, so it is convenient to know how to save mobile data on Twitter. This social network is one of the most time-consuming by all users, and in its application, we can find a way to not spend in the blink of an eye all our data plans while we go to college or work.

To activate the mobile data saving in Twitter, we will have to deploy the main menu (icon with the three horizontal stripes in the upper left part of our screen) and access ‘Settings and privacy. In that submenu, we will find at the bottom the option ‘Data usage‘.

When we enter this section the first thing we will have to activate is the ‘Data saver’, making sure that the corresponding checkbox is checked. Further down we can also select when to upload high-quality images. If you follow many people related to the field of professional photography they likely upload in their tweets photographs that weigh a lot and are in a very high resolution, so it is convenient to have the ‘Never’ options activated so that they do not consume all our data.

If we scroll down we will see that there are more possibilities to save as much data as possible. In addition to images, the preponderance of videos on Twitter has made them become a black hole for our data. If we activate that they only play when we are connected via wifi, we will avoid excessive spending. Autoplay is also loaded by the devil, so it is convenient to have it disabled, also to ensure that we see the videos we want and not get caught in an infinite loop of content that we are not that interested in.

Other tips to save data on Twitter

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Beyond the app options, there are other tips for saving data on Twitter. The first thing any good data saver knows is to make the most of wifi connections. Usually, these connections in bars and restaurants offer a good service, so we could disconnect our data quietly and continue checking our Twitter profile. In public transport, due to the accumulation of people, it is less advisable unless you have bombproof patience.

Close the applications you are not using. The fact that we have exited an application does not mean that it does not continue to consume data. Therefore, we will have to click on the square icon that we will find at the bottom of our home screen and all the applications we had open will appear. Slide one of them slightly down until the ‘Delete all’ option appears and press.

Change your usage habits. Normally data exhaustion is usually linked to excessive use of apps like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, so it’s a good idea to reduce our presence on them. It costs, but it is equally effective and in the long run, you will notice that it can even be beneficial not to be so exposed to the frenzy of networks.

Change your data plan. It is undoubtedly the most unpopular measure, but sometimes there comes a time when we have to value an improvement in our contract with our company. This way you will stop stressing about whether or not to exceed your data limit, although you will end up replacing it with another possibly even greater stress: the monthly bill.

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