How to log in to Facebook Creator Studio on PC or mobile? – Manage content

Facebook is a social network that manages a wide variety of functions and tools that facilitate various actions in our daily and work life. Creator Studio, a Facebook application that allows us to manage the pages of a company.

It is a very good tool used by community managers and managers of corporate pages to manage them, since in a single space you can manage/associate content of publications, manage inbox messages, notifications, among other specific issues.

What can you do when you enter Facebook Creator Studio?

To begin with, there are two types of access to Creator Studio, one of them is through a corporate page/s. There, select ‘publishing tools’. There select ‘publishing tools’, and in the menu on the far left you will be able to access Creator Studio.

In this section, you will see different Creator Studio tools that allow you to perform specific actions. If it is from your PC, in the address bar, type ‘business.facebook/creatorstudio’. There you will see its official page, and you will be able to quickly launch the actions you want to execute. Some of them are:

Manage your Facebook pages.

In this case, content management and Facebook Stories is a characteristic feature of this tool, intended for business pages, celebrity profiles, organizations or causes. Creator Studio allows you to manage and control corporate pages, providing you with general information about them.

You will be able to access, completely free of charge, versatile tools that can bring you closer to clients or potential clients, disseminate and create original and simple content. At the same time, you will have content protection in your publications.

Monetize the uploaded content

To be able to use this option you must have some political conditions such as: fan subscription, instream advertisement and brand collaborations. We explain some of these rules:

Community standards: This refers to rules that prevent the dissemination of harmful or dangerous content that may incite abuse, harassment and various forms of violence. All content must be governed by this rule.

Monetization policies for partners: In this condition you control the behavior of your page, that the contents comply with the requirements, how it is shared and the same is done, the movements of your payments, among others.

Content monetization policies: Very similar to the community rules, but with the difference that it applies to the content of each publication or video that is not allowed for monetization. Some of them are: static videos, looping videos, text montage, polls with static images or inserted ads.

On the other hand, this option allows you to manage advertising guidelines, insert your ads in videos, among others. Remember that once you start managing money, you will have to change the configuration so that you can visualize the promotion of subscriptions, see payments, manage blocking options, etc.

Keep in mind: If the violations are serious, you may lose the ability to use advertising breaks and other related tools.

View statistics and messages

In this section you will be able to have more information regarding your interactions, track the performance of your content, access metrics and obtain statistics regarding your audience. Regarding this last point, remember that it is important to take your audience into account, since you will be able to create content based on their tastes.

On the other hand, accessing the inbox regularly allows you to manage the interactions of your pages. This includes Messenger and the comments on your posts, and you can also design and set automatic replies.

Fact to know, at the beginning you will have to choose between Facebook or Instagram, Creator Studio can be used on both social networks, with some different issues that’s why keep this in mind.

How can you enter Creator Studio on Facebook?

There are several ways to go to Creator Studio, but this time we will name the most common and most used: From its official page or from some of your pages.

From their official page

To enter through its official page, you just have to click, from the corporate page, on ‘publishing tools’, where in the left menu you will find a link to Creator Studio.

From one of your pages

On your Facebook pages you can also access this tool, the way is the same as above, you must go to ‘publishing tools’ and go to the left menu, which will have all the necessary tools for your page, including the official Creator Studio.

Why can’t you enter Creator Studio inside Facebook?

Surely, you are wondering why you can’t access directly within Facebook, and for this we will tell you that if you can’t make it you should check if you are complying with the conditions and rules that Studio Creator establishes.

As we have mentioned before, it is possible that if you are not authorized there are functions such as: instream and Right manager that you will not be able to use. However, select these options and follow the instructions that will enable you to use them.

Verify that you have a role as a contributor to a page on this site.

On the other hand, it is necessary that in order to be able to manage the contents of your page you must be the administrator of your page, this is the maximum role and the one that will have access to all the information. However, you can have other minor roles and assign them to other people.

One of the advantages is that there is no limit to the number of people assigned. To check the collaborator role, for example, we can do it in the following way:

  • Go to ‘settings’ on the page, which is located at the bottom left.
  • Select ‘roles’.
  • There you will be able to see your role. In turn, in this same box you can modify it in the drop-down list of roles.
  • Facebook is always innovating, and although you may think that it is going back to the past, the reality is that it is in a permanent state of transformation, so that all its tools and functionalities are being improved every time.
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