How to connect a Roku device to a projector with HDMI cable

Learn how to connect a Roku device to a projector. With the advancement of the internet, things have changed the way we consume multimedia content, emerging new ways to learn programming such as streaming.

One platform that allows you to perform this type of activity is Roku (analogous to the operation of google cast) which you can connect to your TV and even a projector. Continue reading this article to learn how to use this last option. 

Why should we use Roku to watch audiovisual content with a projector?

It is very common that you want to watch your favorite program in a movie theater type screen, however not everyone has the budget or the space to have a room set up in this way. But with technological advances can be adjusted, approach without having too much money and relatively little space, we would only need a white wall and the projector in question.

By using Roku on a projector we can enjoy our favorite streaming content and platforms like HBO with a large screen, as it allows us to have the feeling of a movie theater or a TV but in an economical and simple way. 

Projectors allow us to have a quite acceptable quality at a fraction of the cost of a last generation TV, but they have more versatility adapting the size of the image to the dimensions of the space we have, which does not happen when acquiring a last generation TV. 

What should we take into account when using Roku on a projector?

It is necessary to take into account certain technical aspects when properly using Roku on a projector, such as having a stable broadband internet connection, remember that being a platform that uses the internet to transfer its signal to higher resolutions of reproduction will require higher connection speed.

It is also important that you take into account what type of projector you are using because as with televisions there is a wide variety of the same which improve their technology as time goes by. Thus, there are LCD, LED, DLP, LCOS projectors, among others. It is essential to choose a projector that has an HDMI input. 

The difference between devices varies in their operation and in the technology used to project images, however in general the quality is usually quite good.

How do we have to configure our Roku device to connect it to a projector?

After making the physical connection of the different elements, it is necessary to correctly configure our Roku device, for this we have to follow the steps described below:

Connect the Roku device to the wi-fi network of your home, which you can do in a similar way as you do with your mobile device, scanning and placing the password with which you have configured the network.

Once the device is connected give it time to perform some activities automatically such as setting up the screens and software, the rest is similar to the procedure used on a TV, remember that both the TV and the projector are peripheral output device.

If this is the first time you use Roku devices it is necessary to create your account and link your device to it, for this you will need your email account, where you will be sent validation codes and information corresponding to your Roku account.

After you perform these configuration procedures you will be able to enjoy your Roku device and your favorite programs. It is important to be careful since the platform does not charge for support services, nor for the initial creation of the account. 

What is the procedure to physically connect my Roku to the projector?

Installing a Roku device to a projector is a fairly simple procedure and only requires connecting a couple of cables. There may be slight variations depending on the type of Roku device you have purchased, the steps below are for the ‘Roku express’ device.

The first thing you have to do is to connect to the power outlet of both the projector and the Roku device, in the case of this, it is done through a USB cable of the type used by cell phones. Then, using the HDMI cable, make the connection between the projector and the Roku device.

What are the best projectors to use with a Roku device?

As stated above there is a wide variety of projectors on the market, so it is quite difficult to select a few brands above the rest.

It is important to take into account when purchasing a projector factors such as sound dissipation, the lighting of the room, the place where the projector will be placed so that you can engage them in a way that allows you to have the maximum experience with your devices.

It is necessary that the projector has the HDMI connector for the Roku device to work properly.