How To Add A Second Third Fourth Etc Google Account On Android Smartphone

Learn how to add a second third fourth etc Google Account on Android smartphone. No matter how many Android smartphones and tablets you have, it’s much more convenient to control and manage the whole household if all the relevant Google accounts are gathered in one place.

Especially since the Android OS specifically provides the ability to add and synchronize multiple accounts on a single mobile device, as well as the ability to delete them.

Simply put, on a single Android smartphone, you can keep several mailboxes and view the notifications of several other devices at once. And that’s at a minimum.

So in this post, we’ll talk about how to set up two or more Google accounts on a single Android device.

How To Add A Second Google Account On Android Smartphone Or Tablet:

  • open “Settings” and go to “Accounts”;
  • Tap on “Add account” and in the list choose Google;
  • Enter your PIN and password (if requested by the system);
  • find/describe an existing Google account, or create a completely new one (press “Or create a new account”, and fill in the required details, in particular, name, year of birth, gender, nickname, password, etc.).
  • If necessary, specify the details of the payment card (if any);
  • After you press the “ACCEPT” button, the new Google account will be automatically “linked” to your smartphone.

How To Delete A Google Account From Your Android Smartphone Or Tablet:

  1. go to “Settings”, open “Accounts”, tap Google;
  2. tap on the name of the Google account you want to delete;
  3. find and click on “Delete account”;
  4. In the window that opens, click again on the “Delete account” button.

After that, all the data of the corresponding account will be deleted from your Android device.

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