How to type the minute symbol from the keyboard – Set seconds easily

Find out how to type the minute symbol from the keyboard. Implementing the keyboard of our PC we can write in our work a variety of symbols that can help us to give greater importance to a word or phrase, ask questions, exclamations and other ways with which we can express more clearly what we really want to convey to our readers. One of them is the symbol of minutes and seconds which we will be talking about next, this type of signs can be of great importance for some writers who need it with great impetus depending on the work they are exposing in writing.

For this reason, this article will be of interest to you, in which we will show several ways to place these symbols easily, because the truth is that despite using a PC a lot, few people actually know the wide variety of commands in the editing area that can be performed.

What are the ways to enter minutes with the keyboard?

There are three ways that we can use to write the minutes, all of them by means of commands that we can do with the keyboard, the use of these commands is known as ‘ASCII Code’, which is a way of exchanging data with which a symbol or sign is obtained as a result, it is very used by lovers of the Windows operating system. The ways in which you can place this symbol are the following: pressing the Alt+39 command, pressing the bracket + space and using the question mark quotation mark keys, which we will show you below how to use them.

Press Alt+39

It is important that you place the cursor where you want to write the minutes symbol, then proceed to press the Alt + 39 key, remember that you must hold down the key to perform the command correctly. Therefore, hold down the Alt key and without releasing it, type the number 3 and then 9 using the numbers located above the letters and below the F1, F2, F3 keys, or using the numeric keypad located to the right.

Putting quotation marks with brackets+space

This second option is also very easy to use, you only have to press the bracket and the space key, the position of it will depend on the keyboard, in some the bracket is located on the right side of the letter Ñ and in others, as in my case that I have a laptop, it is located on the right side of the letter P. To write it by means of this command you only have to press the bracket key and then the space key, unlike the previous mode with this one it is not necessary to keep pressed the bracket key, you only have to press it once and then press the space key.

Adding quotation marks using the question mark

This last method is one of the simplest, it is based on placing the quotation mark by means of the question mark that is located to the right of the numbers which are located at the top of the keyboard.

How do you place the seconds symbol with the keyboard?

In the same way as with the minute symbol, there are several methods you can use to type the seconds symbol, in this case two, which are very easy and simple to use, they are the following: by means of the command ‘Alt+34’ and ‘Alt+Arrow’, below, we will tell you how to use them correctly. The difference between the minute symbol and the seconds symbol is the following: 6h 25′ and 36” as you can see the difference is that for the minutes only one quotation mark is used and for the seconds two quotation marks are used.

Using the ‘Alt+34’ command

Just as to place the minutes symbol with the seconds you must hold down the Alt key and then dial the number 3 and then 4, you can use the numbers that are above the letters or those found to the right of the keyboard, this will depend on the type of keyboard you have, it is important to keep that in mind, because if you need to place the colon to separate the minutes from the seconds, it is necessary to have the correct keyboard.

Using the shortcut ‘Alt+arrow’.

To use this other method you only have to hold down the Alt key and then press the at symbol key, this is located at the top of the keyboard, at the number 2, with this the seconds symbol will appear, as you can see all these methods are very easy to perform and knowing them can be of help in the future with some other work that requires them.

Why are the seconds and minutes symbols not placed in the desired place?

The main reason for this is that you have not placed the cursor in the specific place where you wanted to place ‘the seconds and minutes symbols’ or that it does not even appear on the sheet where you are writing because you have checked some other option or application that left the document in the background despite being in full view.

The importance of the cursor position

Knowing the location of the cursor is of great importance because if it is not on the sheet on which you are writing, the symbol you are trying to write will not appear. You can recognize it because when it is active on the screen you will see it as a small flashing line in the paragraph where you are going to write.

If you do not want to use the commands we have mentioned above you can use macros and some add-ins that Microsoft Word text editor has or any of the other alternatives that exist online or another application or tool with which you can save these commands and set them to a specific key.

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