How to use Google Maps to know the orientation of my house?

Google has many applications to make your days easier, one of these is Google Maps, with this application it will be very easy to locate places like your home. If you do not know how to exercise this action you just have to stay reading this article, here we will explain how to use Google Maps to know the orientation of your home so you know where on the map is located your home.

Where is the Google Maps compass located?

To get the direction of your home you must first know where you can find your compass on Google Maps, this is the way you can find it.

If we use the website

If you are using Google Maps with the Google search engine website, you can find your compass in the following way:

  • Log into the Google app from your computer or with your phone’s browser.
  • Go to the options of your platform.
  • In them you will find the option to mute voice prompts, just below you will see the compass icon, at the top it has the option to report a license as well as to play music if you have it active.
  • Locate this option and start using the compass.

With the mobile application

You can download your Google Maps application and use it in an easier way, since you can enter from the menu of your applications not only with your Android device, it is available for all devices.  It has a compass for you to use to find locations, this is how you can find the compass:

  • First of all, you must enter your Google Maps application, this must be in its newest version if you want to find the compass, if you do not have it go to Google Play Store and update it.
  • Once you are in your application you must look for the GPS icon of your application, this can be located on the right side of your application, specifically at the bottom.
  • When you find this icon you must press on it twice in a row.
  • Now you will see how the icon will appear, if it does not, try again.

How to configure Google Maps and improve its accuracy?

On your iOS or Android device you can configure your options to have the best accuracy when searching for locations on your Google Maps, this you must do, because there are too many locations around the world and sometimes Google Maps is often confused, but if you press on the accuracy option you will have more favorable results, this will be the way you can do it so you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter the settings of your Android or iOS device, this can be done from your application menu or with the control panel.
  • When you are in these settings you should look for the location options.
  • If you found this one you must press on it.
  • Now you must go to your switch and activate this option.
  • Wait for it to activate and now choose the precision mode.
  • You will have several options, but if you want to have a better result on Google maps click on high.

How to read the compass of Google Maps to know the orientation of my house?

If you do not understand the normal compasses or it is a little difficult to understand, this one will cost you a little more, since, by default, it is very similar to the normal one, but in a virtual way. The arrows of these compasses rotate depending on your orientation in order to locate the place you need. The red arrow will tell you the part of the map where the place is located, this will be easier to understand.

With the compass you can reach your routes in Google Maps, if we press on it will indicate on the map the direction making the distribution to the north side, here if it will stop tilting as well as rotating, its main center will now be the direction we want, ie, that of our house.

How can I know the orientation of a terrain with Google Maps?

Thanks to the satellites Google Maps can find addresses around the world, it is a map where you can enter the name of a place and it will locate it quickly and accurately, you can even provide your coordinates.

Google will allow you to know the orientation of a land easily and quickly, this way you can know places geographically without having to go to him, for this you just have to follow this procedure:

With your iOS device

  • Log into your google Maps app from your iPhone device.
  • Go to the maps option of your application.
  • Then you must press on the address finder.
  • Now you must enter the address where the land you want to find is located.
  • Click on the search option.
  • This will give you a possible result, if it is not the specific one you just have to use your fingers to move your map or put it in Zoom to see the site in more detail.

Do it with your Android device like this.

  • Go to your Google Maps application with your Android device, this is in case you have downloaded the application, if you do not have it enter your Google browser and press Google Maps to enter it.
  • Now you must press on your application.
  • Press on the search engine of your application to find places.
  • In it you must enter the possible address of the land you want to find.
  • After this press on go or search so that Google Maps will give you a series of results.
  • In these you must see if one of them is useful for you.
  • To have a better view you can zoom in your screen and apply the Zoom to see the addresses.
  • If you want to send it to a friend or save it, click on the options of your location.
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