We Show You How To Stream From Your Nintendo Switch

One of the most requested consoles during the last Black Friday was the Nintendo Switch. And it is a very versatile device: you can play from the comfort of your living room or carry it in a backpack to use it anywhere. But that’s not all. If you are a content creator and you are looking to stream on Nintendo Switch for your followers, you can do it. We show you step by step what you need to start streaming.

Yes, it is possible to stream on Switch

Every Internet user who wants to create content needs a series of peripherals for their work. The minimum essential is a computer, a headset, a microphone for streaming or podcasting and a console in case you want to broadcast video games. Once you have this material you can start, but you may wonder how to stream on Nintendo Switch.

Before you start you need to know that the console itself has only one USB C port. This port allows you to access all the content inside. For the full ecosystem to work for streaming you will need to have the console in the dock. Once you have everything set up, just follow the steps below to start generating content.

The big problem: a single HDMI port

The dock of the Nintendo console has only one HDMI output port. You will have to connect it to an external display. This is not a problem, as the console is set up to work this way, sending a single signal played from the device.

If you connect the signal from the console to a monitor or TV you cannot send the signal back. For that you need a hardware called a capture device, which is nothing more than a video card with double output to redirect the video signal to the site that captures it and to the preview screen that you have to see the content of your console.

That way you will have a circuit where you can see what happens in your Nintendo while you are doing the live, you have vision of what happens in your console and you have all its power available. On the Internet you can find this item at a very good price and, moreover, is a must for this whole procedure.

Everything ready to stream from Nintendo Switch

Now that you know everything you need comes the easiest part. Do not forget to connect the other devices to the computer which is, in the end, the device that sends the video signal to the Internet in order to see the content of the console, in addition to other audio and video sources you need.

Of course, everything goes before using a software to make streaming from your PC and thus control all those video sources that we mentioned. Nor should you lose sight of the audio section, where we remind you that you can link your own Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch if you follow the steps that we have explained on other occasions.

These can help you if you do not have the console or computer nearby to connect them by cable and thus avoid coupling the audio from the console and the computer.

Now you only have to think about what content you want to launch from your console. Whether from the firm’s own games or those of other developers, you have plenty of possibilities to create interesting content for your followers, especially now that the Pok√©mon fever continues with the new remakes and those yet to come.

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