How to report copyrighted YouTube videos – Protect Your Content

It is important that when you create a completely original work in Youtube you protect it with copyright, this way other people will not be able to copy or plagiarize the audiovisual content created, protecting your work and effort from other individuals.

On YouTube users can report videos that contain copied material, even if they are only a few seconds of copyright you can enter the complaint options offered by YouTube and execute the required legal procedure, here you will learn how to report videos on this platform.

How to know in which YouTube videos your own content appears?

YouTube has created a new tool especially for those who are YouTubers, which allows you to quickly monitor your channel and everything related to it. In YouTube Studio there is an option that allows you to know which videos have been used totally or partially the content of a video of your property without authorization.

Previously, this tool was only available for channels with 100,000 subscribers or more. However, this has changed because nowadays most YouTube users can access the platform regardless of the number of subscribers, to know the channels that plagiarized your content follow the steps below:

  • In the search engine bar type YouTube Studio and enter their website, it is among the first pages of the results.
  • You can also access directly from YouTube, to do so go to the profile picture of your account and click on the ‘YouTube Studio’ option.
  • When the new tab loads on the left panel, look for and click on the ‘Copyright’ option, it is represented by the copyright symbol (©).
  • Then, in the ‘Matches’ section you will find the videos that have part of your content, indicated by percentage and the name of the channel.
  • In addition, the ‘Take Down Requests’ section will show you the status of the current situation, if you have notified YouTube.

How can I report a video for copyright infringement on this platform?

The procedure to report a YouTube video from its platform is quick and simple, in addition to offering reports for other types of problems, such as inappropriate content, bullying or harassment, mistreatment, among others. To do so, all you have to do is follow these instructions:

  • Enter the YouTube platform, from a computer or mobile device, this process will be useful in both devices.
  • Search and open the video you want to report for copyright. Once in the video, select the three aligned dots just below the video.
  • Two options will be displayed: Report and Open Transcript, you must click on ‘Report’. When you do so, a new box will pop up with a series of options to choose from.
  • Check the option Infringe my rights and in ‘Choose an option’ select the option Copyright issue.
  • Finally, click on ‘Next’ and fill out the form with the necessary information, when you are done submit the completed form and you are done.

Entering YouTube Studio

In the YouTube Studio platform you can see directly who has plagiarized your content, you can enter from YouTube or searching for YouTube Studio, to do so follow the following step by step:

  • Enter the YouTube Studio platform and locate yourself on the main screen of the site, on the left side of the screen you will find an options board, click on ‘Copyright’.
  • Go to the ‘Matches’ block and you will see all the videos from other channels that match your videos. It will also show you the date of publication of the video, the total number of views, the percentage of matches, among others.
  • In the ‘Actions’ block click on the icon with the exclamation mark, this action will take you to a questionnaire that you must answer with your information, such as the name of the channel and its URL, country, email, among others.
  • When you finish completing the questionnaire click on the Submit button in the upper right corner and you are done.

How do I know if the YouTube video has been reported?

To determine that you have made the copyright complaint correctly you will see at the end of the procedure a notice from YouTube indicating that they will be contacting you via the email address provided.

It is important that you respond to these emails, otherwise the platform will think that it is not taken seriously and will delete your YouTube account.

Later, when the YouTube team has verified that your complaint is true and you have the necessary evidence, you will receive a message where they will notify you about the removal of the copied content.

How long does it take for YouTube to give you an answer about your report?

There is no exact time on how long a response of this type from YouTube can take, but the approximate time is several days, depending on the time it takes to check the complaint and all the information provided from it, always remember to be attentive to the email.

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