How to Filter Twitter followers | Step by Step Guide

Discover how to filter followers on Twitter to stop seeing them sorted in chronological order.

When an account starts to gain popularity, it becomes complicated to locate followers, and it seems impossible to find a method of how to filter followers on Twitter. The social network presents us both in its application and in its web version with a chronological list of the accounts that follow us, starting with the most recent ones, which can be a headache when we want to locate a specific one.

To be able to sort our followers in a different way, we will have to use an external application to Twitter. In the past, there were some, such as Refollow, that offered a good service in this sense, but it is now a thing of the past. Audiense is one of the best options today.

To use Audiense we will have to create an account and link it to our Twitter profile to have access. Once inside, and after a few minutes to synchronize, we can filter our followers. As we can see in the image, we can sort our followers according to the number of followers they have, accounts they follow, their tweets, daily tweets, date of the last tweet, the date they started following us, the date we followed them, and their influence.

Audiense is not only a tool for sorting and filtering followers, but it also provides us with very interesting data for analyzing our performance on Twitter. It allows us to know who has unfollowed us or when is the best time to tweet depending on the presence in the social network of our community, all without having to pay one of their payment plans.

How to accept followers on Twitter

Users who have a private account have to accept requests for new followers one by one, so it is in their interest to know how to accept followers on Twitter. To give permission to a new follower to see our content, we deploy the main menu in the application (icon with the three stripes on the top left) and enter ‘Follow requests’.

Once there, we will see a list with all those users who want to start following our content, and to accept them we will only have to press the confirmation tick. On the other hand, if we do not want to give that account access to what we publish, we will have to click on the ‘x’ on the right.

How to view Twitter followers statistics

A good way to know how to view follower statistics on Twitter is to use a tool that analyzes the performance of your activity on the social network. Through Twitter Analytics you can see how your number of followers is increasing in a given period of time and the impact of your publications.

The advantage that Twitter Analytics has over any other growth analysis tool on the social network is that it is fully integrated into it as it is proprietary and offers data directly from the day you created the account. If you want to go into more detail, external tools such as Audiense, AgoraPulse, SocialBakers, or Facelift Cloud can help you learn more about your followers through statistics that will help you know what their interests are or at what time a tweet of yours is more likely to have a greater impact. There are more and more social media marketing tools that can provide this service and many of them have free plans for you to try at your leisure before deciding whether to embark on a premium plan with them or not.

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