How to create my own Vimeo channel to upload and share videos – Very Easy

Vimeo is a social network created in 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein, which was later acquired by the company, InterActiveCorp, around the year 2009, which was created mainly for the publication of videos of different types of topics, without the need to have so much advertising on it. 

However, nowadays it is called “the YouTube for professionals”, even though YouTube is a very well known social network, it has more than 170 million users, fascinated by the great quality of its videos. For this reason, today we are going to give you all the steps you need to create your own Vimeo channel totally free. 

What do you have to do to subscribe to Vimeo from its website?

In order to register in Vimeo, first of all you must enter to its main page, once you are here, look for the option where it says join, followed by this, you will find several options, which are the plans, of subscription to it, one of these is the basic plan, in which you can register, free, which has limitations of the use of its tools.

We also have the other option of pro plan, which allows you to access all its tools, paying a small monthly fee. At the same time, this platform is one of the alternatives you can find besides YouTube, to watch movies and videos, without having to deal with annoying advertisements. 

Now that you know this, we are going to show you how you can confirm your email address, upload your profile picture and your websites.

Confirming your email address

In order to confirm your email, you must enter your email, and look in your inbox, a statement from Vimeo, where they will inform you, the name of your user and your password; followed by this you will find at the bottom of the statement an option that says activate user.

Once you click there, your browser will open a new tab, in which you must enter the data sent in the statement, once you have entered your data, you can change both the username and password of the same, in this way, you can have your Vimeo account confirmed and ready to upload your videos.

How to upload a photo to your Vimeo profile interface?

Once you have confirmed your email, go to the profile option, there you will find a circle that says upload photo here, when you go there, select the photo you have saved on your computer or your cell phone and select the one you want to place as profile, then click on save and you will have your profile photo updated.  

Adding a biography on Vimeo

To add a biography to your Vimeo account, simply log in to your already confirmed account and go to the bottom of the page where your profile picture is.  There you will find an option where it says add biography, click here, and a box will appear where it says tell me a little about yourself.

In that part you will be able to write everything that describes you, such as your skills or a short description of your channel, among many other things.

What should I add in the ‘Your Websites’ option that appears in Vimeo?

In the one where it says add link, you can add all those social networks or websites where people can alternatively get your content; this way you can keep your subscribers or followers in this social network updated of everything you do on a daily basis.

How to view and upload videos to your Vimeo channel?

In order to upload a video to your Vimeo channel, you can choose to create a video in TikTok; which offers you different tools to edit your video, such as voice effects and image effects. You can download and save these videos on your PC or cell phone and then upload them to your Vimeo account and you will have quality videos and at the same time you can promote your TikTok channel.  

Now, to be able to upload this video, simply, you go to the part next to your profile picture, where it says new, click there and you will see several options, one of them is upload videos.

In this space you can upload the videos saved in your gallery, or those that you have saved in your Google Photos account, with their respective backup, this way you will keep your videos or photos safe.

Other options are to create your own video from Vimeo templates, or create live videos, where you can interact with your subscribers.

Accept basic rules for uploading videos

However, you must always keep in mind, in order to upload videos on this platform, to follow the basic rules that it has, which we are going to write below.

  • The size of the video should not exceed 500 MB during the week, if you have a free plan. 
  • Video lengths have no maximum limits. 
  • You can add subtitles to your videos, so that people who cannot hear you or do not understand what you say can read and understand your video a little more.
  • Have a horizontal format and its dimensions must be 1920 x 1080. 
  • The resolution of the videos must be at least 1280 x 720, and the frame rate must be 23.976. 

Now that you know the basic rules to upload a video in this social network, do not hesitate to upload your own video, so you can make yourself known to new people. 

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