How to create a font with my own handwriting with online tools?

If you go into Word or Google Docs you will see that these platforms (as well as others) offer a wide variety of fonts or better known as ‘Fonts’ for writing documents or other files. However, if you prefer today it is possible to create your own font with the help of online tools or by installing programs on the device you use, with this tutorial you will see how to create your custom digital font.

What to do to turn my handwriting into a digital font?

As mentioned before, to digitize your strokes and write documents with your handwriting you will need to make use of online tools or some application to create your custom font.

On the Internet there are many useful programs for this job, among some of these programs is Font Creator, you can download it on your device from its official website.

The first thing you should do when you enter Font Creator is to name the font or typeface to create, once named you can begin to fill each box with your letter, you can make use of templates with the help of other tools and import them later to Font Creator. The fonts you create can be used in writing documents or other files.

What elements should you have available to convert your handwriting into a font?

Before starting to create your personalized digital font, it is important that you have a printer and a scanning equipment at hand, since several tools use templates that you will have to print to include your handwriting and thus create the desired font. With the help of the scanner you will place these completed templates on the scanner and transfer them to the computer.

With a printer

As mentioned above, one of the materials you will use when creating your own handwriting on the computer is a printer. Many of the programs you will see on the Internet require you to print out a form, which will include the alphabet in upper and lower case letters.

In some cases you may be asked to complete the forms with punctuation marks (, . : “” ¿? ¡!), all this for a more accurate and professional font when writing. If you wish, you can practice your handwriting before completing the above forms so that you will be satisfied with your work.

Using a scanner

If the printer you use has a built-in scanner you will have a great advantage, otherwise you will have to get one or you can scan the documents with your cell phone. The scanner will be used to digitize the form you have previously completed and thus finish the procedure for the creation of your personalized font.

When scanning the form, make sure that the surface of the form is clean and clear for best scanning results. In addition, the file should be between 150 and 300 dpi. When saving the template you can use PNG, PDF, tiff or jpg file type

How do I create a new font using my own handwriting?

There is another tool that fulfills the same function as Font Creator, it is FontArk, an online program to create customized fonts from scratch. When you enter this platform you will have to draw each line of the letters manually, all this work will be done on a digital chart where you will be able to perfect each line and stroke.

However, if you don’t want to start all the work from the beginning (as mentioned before), FontArk makes the work easier by means of templates; when you finish, you just have to save the work done and that’s it.

Which online tools to use to turn your handwriting into a font?

Previously we talked about two very useful tools, which are Font Creator and FontArk. However, there is a very popular tool used by users called Calligraphr, here you will see how to convert your handwriting into font using Calligraphr.

With ‘Calligraphr

Formerly called MyScriptFont, Calligraphr is an online tool that allows you to generate your own digital handwriting for use in different documents or files, you can use it directly from their website, when you enter follow these steps:

  1. When you enter the website register on the site and create an account with your personal data, when you finish the registration confirm the message that will arrive to your email from Calligraphr.
  2. When you enter the main page of the site you will see instructions with five steps to create your custom font correctly.
  3. In the first step click on ‘Create a template’ where you will see a new tab to choose the language and add or remove characters.
  4. When you have finished configuring the required data click on the top button that indicates ‘Download template’.
  5. You will see a new box where you must name the custom font and select the template format (PDF or PNG). At the end click on ‘Download’.
  6. Then, print the template and complete by hand all the alphabet with your own handwriting, when finished scan each template to your computer.
  7. Now, go back to the Calligraphr tab where the five steps listed above are located and in step four click on ‘Font Panel’.
  8. On the new page you will see a top menu where you will click on ‘Load Template’ and select the scanned templates.
  9. Next click on the ‘Generate Font’ option and name the font again, then click on the ‘Generate’ button.
  10. Finally, download the font and right click on it where you will have to tap on ‘Install’. You will notice that when you open the font types in Word it offers the newly created font.