How to modify the clock face of your Amazon Echo Spot – Effective method.

Echo Spot is one of the Amazon devices that has the most versatility in matters of appearance. The customization options that this device has are apart from fun very aesthetic and sophisticated. If you are looking for a way to modify the clock face of your Amazon Echo Spot, this is the right place, we will teach you step by step everything you need to do to achieve it. 

What are the steps to change the watch face of your Amazon Echo Spot?

Changing the customization of the clock face of your Amazon Echo Spot is quite simple, you have two options to do it, directly from the device and using the mobile application, so it is necessary that you have it downloaded and updated. And now with nothing more to add you go directly to the steps to change your beautiful Amazon Echo Spot clock. 

  • Directly from your Amazon Echo device
  • Turn on the Amazon Echo Spot.
  • Start swiping the screen up until you get and select the ‘Settings’ icon.
  • Once in settings you have to select ‘Home and Clock’.
  • At the top of the Clock menu, you will find the ‘Theme’ option, you have to select it to see what themes it offers. You can choose between analog, digital and personal photos. 
  • From the options you have to choose analog or digital and then confirm the change at the top of the screen. With this you will have changed the main screen of the watch. 

Using the mobile application

To use the mobile app you need to have it downloaded on both your Android device and Apple from their App store. The benefit of doing it from the app is that you can place personal images, you can use a photo from your gallery or use your own that brings the Alexa app gallery. Now, to achieve this just follow these steps.

  • Open the Alexa App and select the menu located at the top left.
  • Enter the ‘Settings’ menu and from the options that appear select Echo Spot.
  • Scroll through the options until you find the one that says ‘Home Wallpaper’ and then press the option below that says ‘Choose’.
  • Choose the photo from your device and arrange it so that it is centered or as you see fit.
  • Once you have finished editing just press the ‘Upload’ option.
  • Once uploaded, the photo will be immediately updated on your Amazon Echo Spot and after a while, if you want to change it again, just follow the steps that we explain. 
  • What are the watch faces available to modify to your smart device?
  • There are three options you have to change the clock face of your Echo Spot, within these three you have even other options that vary in color and model, so in truth you have several options to choose from and interact. 

Pre-designed faces on Amazon Echo Spot

Among the predesigned faces you have those of the analog clock, the classic needle clock that all technological equipment bring; It is a simple theme that has 6 different models from which you can choose the one that best matches the environment you have in your home or where you have the Amazon Echo Spot. 

The other side corresponds to the digital clock, this instead of having needles, has numerical digits that are easier to read compared to the analog, apart from the fact that it looks much more modern. As in the analog clock, it has 6 different models from which you can choose the one you like the most.

Use your favorite pictures and images

This is the third and last option, it takes a little longer to set up and that is why you have to do it from the mobile app. You have the possibility to upload pictures from your gallery, edit images from any other App or choose the ones predesigned by the Alexa application, the latter are usually quite nice. 

Why can’t you change the watch face of your Amazon Echo Spot correctly?

If you have tried to change the clock face of your Amazon Echo Spot and you have not succeeded, it is possible that there are some situations interfering with it. Make sure you have enough battery in your device, you can use a smart plug for this. Remember that custom images are a bit heavier and if you don’t have enough battery it will be a problem to upload them. 

Another thing is that the image you are trying to upload is too big to be reflected on the watch screen, try to get another image either freshly uploaded from Google Photos or another whose weight is not exaggeratedly large and try again. Another important thing to check is that the brightness of the Echo Spot is so low that you cannot see the new image you have decided to upload. 

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