How To Install Animated Wallpapers In Windows 10

Every computer in the world uses a generic wallpaper. Then, users are the ones who make the decision to put something of their own choice to work more comfortable or have it to their liking.

Photos or images from the Internet, the thing is to customize the desktop, but there is a way to install animated backgrounds in Windows 10. We tell you how to do it if you follow the steps that we teach you below.

Yes, you can put animated wallpapers in Windows 10

Traditionally, wallpapers are simply images in good quality to dress up the desktop.

It all depends on the user’s tastes, so each computer screen will have a completely different design, unless the default backgrounds are used.

But there are those who seek originality above all and having a moving wallpaper on PC is a good option.

Throughout the Internet there are applications that will help you achieve this and now we will tell you about some of them, both paid and free.

You may find the next must-have application for your computer among all of them, but if you prefer, we also recommend some of the most amazing moving wallpapers for your cell phone.

Programs to set moving wallpapers on PC

Below we are going to list all the applications that you have at your disposal on different Internet sites.

In addition, we will provide you through the links the access route to these, so you are just a click away from putting animated computer wallpapers.


One of the applications to set animated backgrounds for Windows 10 is AutoWall. It is a free application that will change the current wallpaper for one taken from a file you have on your computer.

In addition, it is portable, which means that you can take it wherever you want on an external memory. Thus, if you want to install this function on more devices, you only have to take it with you. But the important thing is how it works, and that is that when you download the compressed folder you only have to click on the executable file.

In the window you must place the file you want to set as animated wallpaper in Windows 10, but this must meet two conditions: have AVI, MP4, MOV and GIF format and not be very heavy. The program itself does not consume resources, so the lighter the file is, the more efficient it will be.

Download AutoWall from Github

Wallpaper Engine

This is one of the paid applications to put animated backgrounds on Windows 10. If you are a gamer you will know what Steam is, where you can also share your digital games with family and friends.

This application is available on the platform although you can also enter its website where it will cost you exactly the same: four euros. For that price you will have access to one of the most powerful customization apps and with more original content to choose from.

It is one of the most stable and in addition to the benefits in the Valve app that you can have, it has multi-screen support. This is important for all those who have many monitors and have to share the same background.

To top it off, it will give you customization options to make the design you choose even more personal.

Enter Wallpaper Engine

Lively Wallpaper

Another application you can’t miss if you want to put a moving wallpaper on your PC is Lively Wallpaper.

In its case, it is a free and open source application that you can download on your machine, and it also supports multimedia files to place them on your computer monitor.

You can download them from the Internet or, as we mentioned, load a multimedia file that has a short duration to avoid excessive resource consumption.

Afterwards, you just have to see how your creation has turned out and contemplate it until you want to change it.

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