How to know the number of messages I have on WhatsApp with other contacts

Find out how to know the number of messages I have on Whatsapp. WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in the world, and is among the most downloaded instant messaging apps on both Android and iOS.

Despite the fact that the competition offers similar advantages, no one has been able to displace it. This is because every day users send thousands or even millions of messages on this platform, which begs the question: how many WhatsApp messages do you send to a person?

What is the method to see how many messages have been sent with a WhatsApp chat?

Knowing the number of messages you send to one of your contacts is simpler than you think. Do not worry because it is not about counting each of the messages sent in the chat, because if it were so it would take us forever. All you have to do is follow these steps and you will know the answer:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ section in your WhatsApp app.
  • Select ‘Data and storage’.
  • Choose ‘Storage usage’ where a list of contacts appears.
  • Go to the magnifying glass and type the name under which you have your contact registered.
  • Click on the user and then an information box will appear containing the number of sent messages, contacts, photos, stickers, gift, videos, audio messages and documents.

How to know the statistics of chats on WhatsApp?

As you can see, this is a simple task to perform, this way you will have access to the statistics and know exactly the amount and type of information sent to your contacts.

Another way to know this information is to download an application that shows you the statistics you need to investigate, such as the Chat Stat application, a very useful app, especially for those who have an old version of WhatsApp, since it does not offer this advantage. If you are not sure you should investigate if you have the latest version of WhatsApp.

Once you have installed the Chat Stat app on your phone proceed as follows to view detailed usage information.

  • Go to any of the chats you have on WhatsApp.
  • Select the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Click where it says ‘More’.
  • Choose ‘Export chat’.
  • Now go to ‘No files’.
  • Wait for it to load and then go to ChatStat.
  • This will bring up more detailed information about the conversations.

How to free up space on WhatsApp from a mobile device?

If you are having problems with your phone’s performance you may have a full memory and need to free up space. WhatsApp is one of the applications that can fill your device with information.

As not all the information you store on your phone is useful, it is essential to empty it from time to time. By doing this you will be extending the life of your smartphone.

There are different ways to free up space on WhatsApp, and one of them is to go to the internal memory and locate the application folder to delete the stored information. Another thing you can do is to move the WhatsApp app to the SD memory of your cell phone.

You can also do it from the app by following the same steps done to know the amount of messages sent in a chat.

This option also shows the amount of kb and GB of stickers, photos, audios and gifs that occupy the memory. You can choose to clear one or all of this information.

Another way to delete data is to go to ‘Internal storage’ located in the smartphone settings, however, you run the risk of re-isetear the app and you will have to put back your personal information to use it. In this case it is advisable to download and install WhatsApp on your device, so you make sure you have the latest version. 

  • Empty all messages
  • To empty chats go to ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘Chats’.
  • ‘Chat history’.
  • Click on ‘Empty all chats’.
  • Select whether you want to delete chat archives and highlighted messages.

Deleting shared files

To delete shared files, the procedure is similar to the previous ones, since by choosing any of these solutions you will be emptying all types of information stored on the platform.  Remember that you must search and view the chats you have archived to perform the same procedure. 

Now that you know the amount of messages sent in a conversation and how to empty them, you can save yourself the trouble of having a device with junk files that put its operation at risk.

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