How to publish a PDF file on my Blogger blog? – Upload documents without error

To create a post on the Blogger platform using a PDF file it is recommended to use an external cloud service, the best so far is Google Drive, which in addition to being linked to the same account you have the options to configure the visibility of a file.

That is, you can upload a PDF file to Google Drive, then configure its privacy and finally extract the HTML code to insert it into the blog post in Blogger. It is important to know that this also applies to different types of documents such as Word, Excel, among others.

How to create a link to publish PDF files on your blog from ‘Google Sites’?

Google Sites is the Google application that allows you to create web pages, but you have the option to share a file from Google Drive either PDF or other formats, in order to get an HTML link to insert it in the other Google services. Learn how to do it in the following way:

  • Open the Google Drive application and upload your PDF file.
  • Go to Google Sites and sign in with your account.
  • When you click to create a new site regardless of whether you apply a template you will be able to use the ‘insert’ option.
  • Use Google Drive to insert your PDF file.
  • Publish the page to have our PDF file on Google Sites.
  • Copy the link and paste it into a Blogger post.
  • You will notice that the link takes the name ‘Your name (’ which you can change to the name of your original PDF file.
  • Publish your Blogger post and you’re done.

Also in Blogger or Google Sites you have the option to use templates, designs, colors, themes and any kind of customization, in order to improve the visual appearance of the blog and the uploaded PDF file. Of course from Google Drive it is also possible to create a link to an uploaded file to insert it directly into the web pages.

What steps do you have to follow to insert the created link in a new article of your blog?

You can make a page in Google site and use the URL in order to insert it in a new Blogger post, also if you have generated an embed code with Google Drive, you can also use it in Blogger posts as follows:

  • Locate the link to the Google site page with the PDF file added. (You can also select one from Google Drive).
  • Copy the generated link either by pressing Ctrl + C or with the right mouse click.
  • Go to Blogger and click on ‘Create post’.
  • Click on the link icon to insert your copied link.
  • Paste the URL you copied and give it a name.
  • Click ‘OK’ and you are done.

You have the option to place the link in any space of the post you want, all according to the design of your blog. It is even possible to insert the link in an image, so that the user can access the PDF view by clicking on the image.

How to check that the download link works correctly in your blog?

The best method to check that the inserted link works is to open an incognito tab in order to visualize that the URL works correctly on the blog. You should know that when adding files, videos, and other items from Google, users will have the option to preview, download, and perform almost any action except modifying.

What other types of files can you share through Blogger?

In Blogger you can upload almost any type of file you want, and for those that are not displayed directly as PDFs, you can use external services such as Google Drive or site, which users can also access without problems. It is also compatible with Office package files such as:

Word and PowerPoint

From the same platform there is the option to insert images or videos either from YouTube or from the device. But in the case of Word or PowerPoint there is no insert button, but you can use Google site or Drive to add it, using the same procedure as for PDF files.

You also have the option to consult Google’s technical support in case you have problems publishing a PDF file on your Blogger blog.

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