How to set timer for photos on Instagram? – Application tricks

Find out how to set Timer for photos on Instagram. Timer is a very useful tool that helps Instagram users to prepare for the photo or video. Of course you have the option to take photos using the iPhone or Android timer and then upload the content to your account in the stories section or in the feed.

Likewise to set the timer in the same Instagram app you just need to activate the hands-free and use the ‘Countdown’ tag in order to better customize the content when creating your story. Once done, you can publish the created content or download it to upload it to another place or application.

Why is the timer so useful for taking the best selfies?

Due to the time available on the timer we can take the best selfies, since the user can place or keep still so that the photo is not blurred or shaky. The same applies to creating a video. For example in TikTok you can set the timer to make transition effects, the same can be done in Instagram.

Is it possible to use timer in Instagram camera or stories?

With the new Instagram update it is not possible to use the timer function from the camera of the posts, another alternative is to do it in the stories section and save the content in order to publish it in the Feed. In other words, it is only possible to use the timer in stories.

Which option can be used in Instagram posts?

In Instagram posts you have the option to use the camera or upload some content from the gallery of your device, so if you need to use a timer you can use external application and create the content you want to upload to your Instagram account.

Likewise in Instagram stories you can use the timer and then download the content in order to publish it in the Feed, of course you have the option to use some filter if you want since the timer function can be used without problems with any filter you need.

Exactly how does the timer work on Instagram stories?

The timer works with only 3 seconds of time, of course you have the option to use third-party applications in order to customize the timer time. You should also take into account the following features of the timer:

What does the Instagram stories timer count?

The Instagram timer has the function of being able to use it with any filter you want, since the free hands box is located between the recording tools and not in the filters and effects section.

What does the house symbol in Instagram stories mean?

When browsing the filters in Instagram stories you will see the house icon, which represents the home screen. That is, where you don’t add filters to the camera. You will notice that you will see the recording tools among them the ‘Hands-free’ one by activating it you will be able to use the Instagram timer

How do you record videos for stories?

If you are located the house icon you will notice that holding it down will start recording the stories. But if you activate the hands-free tool by holding down the button you will notice that you now have to wait 3 seconds before starting the recording.

Add the countdown and edit the story like this

Once you have recorded the content of your story you can click on the stickers icon and add the countdown. Many users are confused by the name because this is not a timer to take photos or record content, it is just a sticker that indicates a countdown customized by the user.

Similarly you can edit your story with the countdown stickers in order to inform some event or activity that will be executed in a certain period of time.

Does the timer option work only for mobile or also for PC?

It is very different to use Instagram on PC even if you use many features and tools like using Instagram stickers or uploading content from the hard drive to create a post, it is not possible to create stories, of course you can’t use the timer on the computer either, you still have the option to create content with a program that uses the timer in order to upload it to the feed.