How to use a Discord account in Streamer Mode – Advantages and settings

Learn how to use a Discord account in Streamer mode. Streamer mode is a Discord option for fans of online games, with this option you can even earn money easily, just select this mode and start using it. If you don’t know how to use a Discord account in ‘Streamer Mode’ quickly and easily, do it like this.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having your Discord account as a streamer?

By downloading Discord you will be able to use many good options such as Streamer which you can easily stream your online games, these are the advantages that have this function:

If you are a gamer

If you are a gamer you can have many advantages, one of these is that you will be doing what you like which is to play for free and many people will be watching you, other advantages is that depending on the visits you can even make money on the platform easily. 

Being a company

If you are a company you will have many advantages, one of these is that you can promote your products and many people will see it, bringing many new sales, a disadvantage of this action is that you must pay for such advertising.

What extra functions are obtained by changing the format of a Discord account?

By changing the Discord format and placing streamer you can have extra features in your account, these are the main ones:

Live broadcasts

With your Discord account you will be able to make transmissions for free and very easy, here you will meet more people and it will be a lot of fun.

Selection of visible information

With your transmissions you will have the opportunity to do many things, one of these is to select the information that will be visible.

No Premium subscription is needed

If you are going to make transmissions you don’t need to pay for them, since Premium subscriptions are not necessary, you just need to have an account.

It has a live chat

You will have a live chat in your transmissions where other people can give you random comments and you can see them.

What is the procedure to follow to change a regular account to ‘Streamer’?

You can change your Discord account in an easy and simple way, this is the procedure to place Streamer in your Discord.

  1. Open Discord.
  2. Go to your application screen.
  3. Enter now in the settings.
  4. Press now on the application settings that you find in the menu that will appear below.
  5. Click on Streamer Mode to select it to activate it.

How can I generate income by streaming on Discord?

With Discord and your transmissions you can generate money easily, there are many ways to do and there are many users who have this as a fixed job very well paid, these are the main ways to generate money with the transmissions in Discord:

  • Choose an indicated and raised community: You choose what content will emit and to which community you will give your projections, try to study a little the market of the application so you will know determinedly who are the leaders and entering the channels with more active members.
  • Add value and knowledge to your knowledge: If you already chose the content publish more the public you must now do something that distinguishes you, be something different from the crowd and so you will have faster result of monetizing your videos in your community. Have empathy with everyone, if someone writes to you you must answer them in an attentive and smooth way, remember, dealing with your audience is what will make you money.
  • Try several times if you don’t find results: If you do broadcasts the first week or two and you don’t get results don’t give up, it’s normal so start to be better than before to see that now if you get more audience, the streamers who are professionals today didn’t become famous overnight, they worked on their own so you should do the same.
  • Promote all your streams: For you to earn money with your broadcasts you must promote them on all social networks or even on the same Discord platform, as well as this you must have a stable schedule and be responsible.
  • Synchronize with your other channels like Twitter or YouTube: If you want to have more people in your transmissions you must synchronize with other platforms.
  • Promote your transmissions with companies: With this option you will be able to have the way to contact people from companies so that they pay you to promote their products, this way you will earn easy money.

What alternative platforms can be used for video game streaming and are they as good as Discord?

Discord is an interesting video game platform for potential users of this topic, but there are other social networks that also fulfill this function such as Twitch and YouTube, in all three you can make money from your projections.


Like other social networks such as YouTube and Discord, you can monetize your videos on Twitch with streamings, this platform is mainly oriented to video games, specifying its community in only players, giving its users the advantage that they can watch 3 channels at the same time.


YouTube is a music platform also known as a social network, in it you can watch the videos of people around the world, although it has a very broad competition there is no other application that has more users itself. This platform pays its users for their views, of course, depending on how many subscriptions your channel has.

In YouTube you will be able to implement in video transmissions recording the screen or video games just as if you download Discord and place the Streamer version, this is one of the main similarities between both applications with the difference that in YouTube you can leave the videos published.

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