How to sign up with Payoneer and apply for a credit card – Complete Guide

Digital accounts are nowadays a way to have more security against theft with Payoneer. You won’t have to be on the street collecting money, now you can be transferred without any problem. To help you exercise this option, there is the Payoneer platform.

Here you can open an account and use it to transfer money easily. If you don’t know how to register with Payoneer and apply for a credit card, just read this article, here we will give you a complete guide so you can do it easily and quickly.

How to create a Payoneer account from the mobile app or the website?

A Payoneer account is a method of transferring money securely to other places, its interest rate for transactions is very minimal and its use is very basic.

However, even though its use is very simple, it has many security methods to protect your account from identity theft. By having a Payoneer account you can get many advantages, start this way to get your account in an easy, fast and secure way:

From the official website: If you will do it from the web you have to do it carefully to leave your data saved in any computer, the account will have a lot of security itself, but if they get your data, on the other hand, the Payoneer platform will not be able to do anything and you can get to have an unwanted theft, this will be the way you can enter the main platform to open an account in Payoneer from the web:

  1. Log into your most used browser, it can be any single one that serves its tabs.
  2. After being in your browser you must click on your browser and enter Payoneer.
  3. Click on the search option.
  4. It will give you many results, you should look for the official Payoneer site.
  5. On the site now you should wait for it to load correctly.
  6. You can scroll down and click on know Payoneer if you want to know where you will be putting your money.
  7. When you finish reading in this box and you have decided that you want to open your Payoneer account click on the option to register.
  8. You will be asked to choose what type of account you want, you will have different options such as: Individual, if you have a business, if you are an entrepreneur or if you are just a seller and want to acquire currencies from here.
  9. When you click on what time of account you want to have click on the option that suits you best.
  10. Now you will be asked to register your Payoneer, from their official website.
  11. You must fill in all the corresponding data, these will be mandatory so you have to fill in all the data in the form on your screen.
  12. Now you must click on the next option.
  13. Fill again the data that you are asked, some things will be for security so you must give your information well.
  14. Enter the password and the data with which you want to enter your account.
  15. When you have completed the whole procedure you must click on create and wait for the account to be generated.

From your application: If you download the application you can open an account by registering, it is very simple, just go to your download store and search for Payoneer. With this you will have the advantage that you can make payments to people instantly without having a card, you can make transfers thanks to the Payoneer application. Next, we will give you the way you can register to open your account:

  • Log in to your application from your phone, you must have it downloaded beforehand.
  • Now click on the registration option that you find on your main screen.
  • Now fill in all the corresponding data, also enter the type of account you want.
  • When you have finished this, you only have to click on the next button and continue filling in the required information.
  • Finally enter your username and password, you must not forget it so be careful and write it down somewhere.
  • When you finish, click on save or accept and wait for your account to be generated.

How do I apply for a Payoneer card in Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico?

Payoneer also has the option to request cards to be used at ATMs, points of sale or any other means of payment. These cards can be used anywhere in your country if it is Argentina, Venezuela or Mexico, and even if you are traveling abroad, this is the way you can make the request:

  • Log into your Payoneer account from the web or with the app.
  • Click on settings that you find on your main screen with your account.
  • Then click on cards, you have this option in your settings.
  • Click on the option to request card and fill out the form.
  • Don’t forget to send the application form.

What are the options that the card has to withdraw money?

With your Payoneer account you have many options thanks to your card, with it you can withdraw money from anywhere.

Withdrawal from the bank or ATM

If you have a Payoneer card with your account you will have the possibility to withdraw money at the bank or even with ATM.

Transfer to another bank account

You will be able to transfer money with your Payoneer account to another bank account without much interest fee for the transaction

How much commission does Payoneer charge for currency conversion?

With Payoneer if you go out of the country you will always have something to pay with since you will always have in these accounts the currency you will need and even for any international or domestic payment.

¬†With these accounts you will be able to move your money to different accounts easily and securely, but when making transactions you may wonder how much commission does Payoneer charge when making a currency conversion? But don’t worry, one of its advantages is that it is an account designed for this, you will only have to pay a fee of 0.5% depending on the amount of the transaction.