What Is A Sublimation Printer And What Is It Used For?

Learn what is a sublimation printer. If we ask you what a printer is, you will surely have a mental idea of what you are going to say with a definition similar to this one: a device through which you can output digital files on paper.

This is totally correct, you can even explain that there are inkjet and laser printers. But in recent years we have also seen one more that are sublimation printers, which we will teach you to identify what they are and say what they are for.

What is a sublimation printer

The basic concept of printer is clear, as we have defined it just above, but the detail that makes a sublimation printer special is important to know.

And that is that there are models that can be used for the purpose of using ink with this printing format. To understand, sublimation involves changing matter from a solid to a gaseous state without passing through the liquid state.

In order for the ink to be impregnated, the object needs to receive heat, but not from the printer, to activate the pigment and engrave it.

This step must be done with an iron, so you may think that it can be similar to the transfer that you can put on a garment. However, you should know that even if your printer has this capability you will have to choose.

This is very important because once you use your printer for this purpose it is best to maintain it or else you may damage the extrusion system and therefore be left without your operating device for future printing.

What is a dye sublimation printer for?

Now that you know what a sublimation printer is and how it works, you may wonder what it is for. And everything points to the fact that the type of printing is not the only thing that changes, but also the materials in which it is impregnated.

For such a device to be possible you need to meet two requirements: use a special paper that is white (otherwise the colors will not come out as expected) or that the garment is polyester and white.

Thus, the uses that can be given to a printer of these characteristics is to obtain a professional print on both paper and fabric. In fact, in this second use you may remember that there are other materials such as transfer. The use of this is similar, since it is glued with heat, but it is obtained through a laser printer.

How to use a sublimation printer

The truth is that to use a sublimation printer what you have to do, first of all, is to know if it is compatible with this function. Otherwise, your projects may not come out with the expected quality.

You must also take into account the ink you use, something that is part of the compatibility with the printer itself, as well as the materials used for this purpose.

As we mentioned before, it is essential that the surface to which it is adhered has a polyester layer so that the ink grips better. This also affects solid objects such as cups, which you will have to put a layer of polyester to take the ink.

For this reason, the results you will get will be very good, although the process is somewhat more tedious in terms of assembly.

Then, once you meet all the requirements and have the material ready where you are going to print, you just have to follow the steps of a normal printer, so you will have to go to your computer, select the image to materialize in the relevant software and hit the print button.

You can also print it from your cell phone, although it is best to view it on a large screen in case you need to correct any details.

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