How To Activate Twitter Safe Mode In A Few Steps

The Internet is a place where you never know what you are going to find. Twitter safe mode No matter how many times you enter a site, you will always come across new things and, to top it off, almost immediately.

But this only happens if you know where to look or who to talk to, as you may come across users who are not even worth saying good morning to. Therefore, if you want to avoid these individuals at all costs, we are going to teach you how to activate Twitter’s safe mode.

Twitter has a safe mode

In recent years, different social networks have joined forces to provide users with the best tools to avoid certain users.

Hoaxes, cyberbullying or that profile that brings you nothing at all can be constant in each session, and most likely you want to eliminate them even for a while.

This happens a lot on Twitter, a site where users post everything that crosses their minds and throw it out into the world.

You may agree or disagree, or simply focus on the fact that what the profile is posting doesn’t interest you, but it’s in those moments where you have to do something to stop seeing it or even stop interacting with them.

That’s what Twitter’s safe mode is for, a feature you can activate to avoid certain contacts.

How to use Twitter safe mode

Everyone knows how to use Twitter. You just have to log in with your account on the social network and then you can read all the tweets that come to your wall, direct messages, spaces and, why not, make your publications.

However, in all this process it is very possible that you will encounter users who make the experience somewhat unpleasant.

That’s why you need to use Twitter’s safe mode, which the company describes as “a feature that allows you to temporarily block for seven days those accounts that use potentially harmful language, such as insults or hateful comments, or those that send repetitive and unwanted replies or mentions.”

This assumes that the system is the one in charge of deleting those users’ interactions, even if you follow each other. At that point, the program will make the decision whether to block that user for as long as safe mode is active.

To configure this option you have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Open Twitter
  • Go to settings
  • Enter safe mode
  • Choose the time it will be active

At the bottom you will have a section where you can put all the accounts you want to cancel automatically. Here you are the one who chooses which accounts cannot interact with you according to the time set above.

Once you have activated the Twitter safe mode, you will only have to worry about continuing with your experience in the healthiest way possible. You will not receive interaction with absolutely no one from the automatically blocked contacts, as well as those considered by the application.

As we said, on the Internet there are a lot of dangers that you have to protect yourself from.

Thanks to Twitter’s safe mode you can browse the social network without fear of receiving more messages from other unwanted users or reading theirs.

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