Telegram Error: too many attempts | How to fix it

We explain what is the “too many attempts” error in Telegram.

If no matter how hard you have tried Telegram does not let you log in to your application, do not despair. This is the error in Telegram: too many attempts, why it happens, and how to fix it.

Telegram is one of the most interesting messaging apps in terms of the features it has both in terms of content and user privacy protection. In addition to chats, you can join communication channels, view different bots, have secret chats or set up messages that self-destruct.

Telegram currently has more than 500 million users globally and is among the top ten most downloaded applications worldwide. In this platform, broadcasting is prioritized and audiences are unlimited, being able to create groups of up to 200,000 people.

If you are one of those who already know Telegram and use it regularly, but you have gone to enter the platform, but you can not log in because the error appears in Telegram: too many attempts, we tell you why it happens and how to fix it.

This error that appears for “too many attempts” to log in alerts you that there is a somewhat strange activity in your Telegram account. We tell you everything you need to know to get your app back up and running properly so you can communicate with your contacts.

Why Telegram won’t let me log in

If you have wondered why you can not enter Telegram for the error “too many attempts” we tell you the causes.

Telegram warns you on screen that you are making “too many attempts” to log in. There are two main reasons why the warning appears: because you have a suspicious activity or because you have sent a lot of spam.

For either suspected unusual activity Telegram blocks your user phone number temporarily. In case your account has been blocked for spam you should be very careful because Telegram can even remove you from the platform.

If Telegram detects any unusual activity such as sending the same message to many contacts or sending too many messages to unknown numbers it may not let you join the platform.

How to fix the “too many attempts” error in the Telegram

If you want to use the messaging application as soon as possible, we tell you how to fix the error “too many attempts” in Telegram.

Something important to know is that the error “too many attempts” in Telegram is not solved either by deleting the application and reinstalling it or using other third-party applications to log in. Note that Telegram acts in these cases by blocking the phone number, it has nothing to do with the app itself.

To fix the error of too many attempts you must wait some time to log in again. Normally in the mildest cases of blocking, after ten minutes you will be able to restart the application.

Other types of crashes last for 24 hours, so you must log in again after one day. If several days pass and you cannot log in, you should contact the company’s technical support ( and fill in the form explaining what is happening.

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