What To Do If The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Charging Does Not Work Or Is Too Slow [Guide].

Find out what to do if the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Charging does not work or is too slow. Today with this guide we’ll see what to do if the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra charging does not work or is too slow. The battery in a smartphone is essential that it is designed to allow the greatest possible autonomy, this is because it is assumed that the phone is used throughout the day, so the battery should have a capacity that allows the use of the device for many hours during the day. Among the recently released smartphones we have the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, a phone with excellent features. Unfortunately, like all smartphones could give problems with the battery and more precisely the battery may stop working or fast charging may stop working and then to charge the phone quickly. If you are experiencing one of these problems, we are here to help you and in this guide we will see what to do if the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra charging does not work or is too slow.

By now, smartphones are part of our lives and there’s no doubt that they are used a lot not only for making calls, but also for web browsing, accessing social networks and instant messaging services. However, if the smartphone can’t be charged, it automatically becomes as useful as a paperweight, as the energy stored in the battery is essential for the phone to work. This is obviously also true for a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, where if the battery charge doesn’t work, the device once it runs out of battery power becomes completely useless. Even if the battery charge is slow it is not good, in fact if the fast charging does not work and on the contrary it happens very slowly, you have a device with a charging system that does not work as it should and the problem you are facing could hide something more serious that could affect the internal hardware of the smartphone or the charger. But let’s see what are all the solutions that you can try if on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra charging does not work or is too slow.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a device that fears no comparison and has features that make it look like one of the best top-of-the-line smartphones of 2022. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G features a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel with a high refresh rate of 120 Hz. It is a QHD+ panel with a resolution of 1440 x 3088 pixels. As a processor instead, we have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5G for the non-European market, while instead for the European market, so also for the Italian market, instead of the Snapdragon chipset, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra mounts an Exynos 2200 processor. As for the photographic department, we have a quad-camera configuration mounted on the back of the device, while frontally we find instead a single camera to be able to take selfies. The four-camera configuration consists of using a 108 MP primary sensor paired with an f/1.8 lens, a 10 MP telephoto periscope lens paired with an f/4.9 lens, a 10 MP telephoto lens paired with an f/2.4 lens, and an ultrawide 12 MP sensor paired with an f/2.2 lens. On the front, the smartphone has a 40 MP sensor combined with an f/2.2 lens for taking selfies. Thanks to the rear cameras, it is possible to shoot videos in 8K format, while the front camera is limited to recording videos in a format of “only” 4K.

As for the memory of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, we have four variants for this smartphone: 128 GB + 8 GB of RAM; 256 GB + 12 GB of RAM; 512 GB + 12 GB of RAM; 1 TB + 12 GB of RAM. As for what concerns the connections instead, we have that Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6; a Bluetooth 5.2; GPS; there is the presence of NFC. The charging port is a USB Type-C 3.2. We then have the various sensors: there is a sensor for fingerprint recognition that works with ultrasound and that has been placed under the display; we have an accelerometer; gyroscope; proximity sensor; barometer; compass. Powering the smartphone is a 5000 mAh battery that can be recharged via fast charging using the dedicated 45W charger. There is also a stylus that comes with the device and has a latency of 2.8 ms. Finally, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra we find it available in these seven different colors: Phantom Black, White, Burgundy, Green, Graphite, Red and Sky Blue.

Having said that, let’s get to the heart of the matter, which is what to do if your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is not charging or is too slow.

Restart the smartphone

Restarting the phone is the quickest solution and may solve a problem with the device that has been created temporarily and for what reason. The same goes for charging, if it is not working or if the charging instead of being fast, is slow. Try restarting the phone and see if charging works normally again after the restart. If the problem persists, then I suggest you continue reading the next solution.

change the power outlet

Yes, unfortunately, sometimes there is nothing wrong with the phone, but the problem is only with the power outlet that the charger is connected to. In addition to the socket itself, maybe sometimes you connect the smartphone to recharge the battery using an extension cord, an adapter, a power strip and these could be the cause of the problem. Connect the charger directly to the socket or if you already do, try changing the socket and connect the phone’s charger directly to it, then check if doing so will make the charging process work properly.

update the Android operating system

There might be a bug on your Samsung Galaxy S22 that is caused by a bug in the operating system. It can only be fixed with an update released by Samsung, so all you have to do is check if there is a new update to download and install. If the problem you’re experiencing is a general bug, there will be a lot of users complaining, so there will be more chances to find other people who will request an update from Samsung, which, having learned of the charging problems, will try to release a new update as quickly as possible to solve the problem. Usually when there is a new update you will be notified, so all you have to do is tap on it and then proceed to download and install the updated software. Once the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra software is updated, everything related to battery charging should resume working properly if that was the problem.

other issues that can occur with battery charging

Charging your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may not work properly because of something to do with the hardware, there may be a problem with the charging port, or there may be a problem with the charger or the USB cable. Here’s how to proceed based on the various cases that could occur:

Make sure the USB port is in good condition. 

Your device may have fallen on the ground and you may have broken the USB port, which is needed to charge the device. Check that the port is in good condition and that there are no obvious signs of breakage, in fact, if the port is damaged, it should be taken to a service center for repair. Same thing if the charging problem of the port is due to a construction problem, but in this case the port might look perfect externally, but still not work due to an internal problem.

Make sure the USB port is clean. Accumulation of dust, dirt, debris, lint etc., could be the reason why charging is not working properly on your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Carefully blow the phone’s charging port to clean it if it is dirty, then connect the charger to see if it is now charging properly.

Check that the charger is working properly: 

a poorly maintained charger that you may have dropped could be damaged and prevent the phone from charging. Try to use the same charger on a compatible device and see if it works, if it doesn’t work on another device, it will most likely need to be replaced. If the charger is the problem, I suggest you buy an original Samsung charger.

USB cable: 

The USB cable is used to connect the USB Type-C port of the phone to the charger and it is not uncommon that this is the reason why the charging is giving problems. This cable is often mistreated, bent, twisted, tangled until it breaks internally. If this cable is damaged, charging will not work properly, so once you have determined that this is the problem, replace the cable with a new one, preferably an original Samsung one.

Exhausted battery: the battery has a life and once it has reached the maximum number of cycles, it no longer works properly and must be replaced. Among the most common problems are a sudden drop in charge; the battery not charging; charging too slow or too fast; battery autonomy that lasts only a few hours. The battery may also present bulges clearly visible to the naked eye, a sign that it must be replaced as soon as possible with a new one. In this case, it is always better to use original Samsung replacement products.


A smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a great device, but if it can’t work because of battery problems, it becomes useless to use. This guide I hope has helped you if you’ve encountered problems with your phone’s battery and I hope you’ve now solved it. Sometimes the problem you are facing with the battery can be easily solved, while at other times the problem could be much more serious and the only thing to do could be to seek assistance for repair. See you next guide.

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