Whatsapp Tricks To Write With Colored Letters

Do you want to send more original messages to your friends? We teach you some WhatsApp tricks to write with colored letters.

The ability to write messages with colored letters is one of the most desired features by WhatsApp users. However, the instant messaging tool has not included this possibility for the moment. Of course, this does not mean that it can not be done. There are some WhatsApp tricks to write with colored letters that will allow you to send original messages in a simple way.

No matter how hard you look, you will not find an option to be able to write in colors within the WhatsApp settings menus. To be able to write with colored letters you will have no choice but to resort to third-party applications and tools. But it is an idea so desired by users that you will not have trouble finding options to achieve it. Although there are several possibilities to make colored letters in WhatsApp a reality, you go to present some of the simplest and therefore recommended.

How To Write In Colors On Whatsapp

If you are looking for how to write in colors on WhatsApp, one of the most recommended options is the use of the Stylish Text application. It is a keyboard for Android in which we can find different types and styles of letters. And among the large number of styles that we find there are also colored letters. When we have this application installed, we will see how when we open the keyboard a floating window appears with numerous types of letters. We just have to choose the style with the colors we want and start typing.

This application will not only allow you to write in WhatsApp with colored letters, but also choose different fonts or use aesthetic mode letters. Therefore, if you are not only interested in color but in general in giving a more interesting look to your messages, this app is ideal for you.

How To Create Colorful Messages In Whatsapp

For those who are looking for how to create colorful messages on WhatsApp, another option is the Fancy Text Generator application. When we install and open this application, we will see a text box in which we can write the message we want. Afterwards, we will be able to choose the style and colors. Then we will have to copy and paste the text in WhatsApp and we will have sent a colorful message.

The options and text styles are almost endless. In addition, if you want you can convert the text you write into an image to publish for example in a social network.

This application can be a little more cumbersome to use than the previous one due to the fact that you do not write the message directly in WhatsApp, but in another separate application to then copy. But the wide range of possibilities it offers can make it worth your while.

How To Make The Yellow Underline In Whatsapp Messages

If what you want is to highlight a piece of the message you have written, you may be wondering how to make the yellow underline in WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp has an option within the application itself that allows you to underline text. However, this is not a yellow underline, but a line below the text. If this is enough for the text you want to highlight, you won’t need to install any third-party application. But if what you want is to make the effect as if you’ve hovered over a yellow underline, you’ll need to use one of the two applications mentioned above. Among the numerous options of styles and colors, you will find one with the yellow underline. Just select it and type what you want.