How to disable reminder notifications on Facebook? – From mobile and PC

Find out how to disable reminder notifications on Facebook. Facebook notifications are enabled by default, to be present on your device every time there is any interaction on your account.

Facebook is aware that some users may find it annoying to receive notifications and allows these to be disabled from its settings. In particular, reminder notifications can be deactivated in general or for specific users, if you manage to apply the appropriate procedure.

Who can see the notifications that come to your profile from memories?

Although Facebook’s environment comprises that of a social network, most of its functions can be adjusted so that you can safeguard the privacy of the content you post without inconvenience. Some functions, by default, are configured so that you approve or deny the appearance of content on your wall; as is the case of Facebook memories.

The memories of your Facebook profile appear as notifications in your account and the content of the memory will be present while you browse the home of the social network. This notification can be seen only by the people who are involved in the publication of the memory.

That is, if you tagged someone in a post or story you shared on the social network that you didn’t hide or delete from your account, and it’s coming up on an anniversary since then, those involved will receive a notification about it. This is completely private, so none of your friends or followers will receive the notification if they are not part of the memory.

Also, even if the content of the memory in question appears in your news feed, it cannot be seen by anyone else until you decide to share it in your bio.

Where can you see past and future memories that Facebook gave or will give you?

The Facebook memories section is exclusively meant to show your activity log related to the particular day of your query but in previous years. So you would have to log in every day to check what memories there are for you.

However, there is a way to access the posts that are likely to appear in your Facebook memories from the app’s activity log.

  • Log in to your account and go to the app’s ‘Menu’, which is identified by three horizontal lines overlapping each other.
  • Tap on the gear icon to enter the ‘Settings’ section.
  • Go to the section labeled ‘Your Information’ and select the ‘Activity Log’ checkbox.
  • Go to the ‘Your posts’ section and then ‘Photos and videos’ to see a list of the content you have posted on your profile sorted by the particular dates of each post.
  • Go to the ‘Activity you were tagged in’ section and select the ‘Posts and comments’ or ‘Photos you were tagged in’ checkboxes, as desired. To have those items in a list sorted by the dates on which the posts were made.

Where can you turn off Facebook’s annoying reminders forever?

Facebook includes in its settings panel the ability to permanently disable notifications of memories on the social network. Specifically the notifications of this function, since it is possible that some memories appear in the News Feed exclusively for you. In any case, you must apply a specific procedure depending on the device you want to use for the process.

From the Android or iOS mobile application

The Facebook application interface works in the same way on iOS and Android devices. So you can follow the steps below if you want to disable Facebook memories on a mobile device through the App.

  • Once inside the app, tap the symbol of the three horizontal lines superimposed on the screen to access the menu.
  • Among the available options, locate the one corresponding to ‘Memories’ and tap on it.
  • At the top right of the screen, select the gear symbol to access the section settings.
  • Finally, in the section corresponding to ‘Notifications’, set the preference on the ‘None’ checkbox by tapping on it. This will permanently disable reminder notifications on your account until you decide to change the preferences again.

Using the Facebook website

The Facebook website allows you to carry out this configuration of your profile from its domain. Regardless of the web browser you use or the computer you own, you must log in to your account from the Facebook website and follow the following path.

  • Go to the memories section of your profile by selecting it from the window menu.
  • Click on the ‘Notifications’ checkbox.
  • Check the box labeled ‘None’, so that you will no longer receive notifications corresponding to memories on Facebook.

How to remove only the memories of a specific person?

You can deactivate notifications from a particular profile that has shared moments with you on the Facebook social network. This will not affect the rest of the notifications of the memories that do not correspond to this person. You can execute this process from your mobile device or from the social network’s web platform.

  • Access the section dedicated to ‘Memories’ in the menu of your account.
  • Now, within the settings section of this section, go to the box identified as ‘Hide Dates’.
  • Type in the name of the person you no longer wish to receive notifications from. In the section labeled ‘Start typing a name…’, go to ‘Start typing a name…’.
  • Save the configuration process and you are done. You will no longer receive notifications regarding your memories together on Facebook.
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