How To Make A Video Call On Tinder in 2024

If you want to meet your match but you don’t dare to date yet, as an intermediate step you can learn how to make a video call on Tinder.

With the confinement of 2020, video call dating became one more way to socialize (at that time the only one). Although some time has passed, it is possible that this type of dating still seems like a good option, and you have considered how to make a video call on Tinder.

Precisely since 2020, with the arrival of the pandemic and the risk of meeting in person, the social network for flirting added video calls within its platform. This way you can start getting to know a person without having to meet directly in person.

The steps to follow to make a video call are as follows:

  • Go to the App Store or Google Play and make sure you have the latest version of the app installed.
  • Open the app and navigate to your matches section using the bubble icon at the top of the screen.
  • Under “New matches” or “Messages”, tap on the person you want to make a video call with.
  • Tap the video call icon at the top right of the screen. You will be able to distinguish it by its video camera shape.
  • In the window that appears, press the key to say that you are interested in a Face-to-Face and then tap ‘Done’.
  • Now you will have to ask your match to do the same. Only once both parties have agreed to make a video call will the option become available.
  • Once your match has also indicated their interest, a message will appear saying that the Face-to-Face has been unlocked.
  • Tap the icon and you will see some basic rules that you must accept.
  • Preview the image the other person will see and then tap ‘Call’.
  • When you are done talking and want to leave, just tap the red ‘End’ button at any time to end the call.
  • When the call ends, you will be asked to give feedback on whether you would do Face to Face again. Rest assured, this will not be shared with your match. 

How To Ask Someone If They Want To Make A Video Call On Tinder

As we explained in the previous section, for us to make a video call it is necessary that the other person has expressed to the application their desire to do so. Therefore, we can’t just call and wait for our match to answer. You will have to ask them first. And this makes you can give a lot of thought to how to ask someone if you want to make a video call on Tinder.

To ask your match if he/she is willing to make a video call you will have to use the chat. It is assumed that if you are thinking about making a call it is because there is already a more or less fluid conversation, so you will simply have to ask.

In these cases in which you are getting to know someone it is always best to be sincere. Simply tell him/her that you would like to meet him/her, and how about making a video call first. If the other person has the same interest as you, he/she will most likely say yes. Otherwise, the only thing you can do is to respect their decision, either to cut off the communication or to wait a little more time.

Keep in mind that on Tinder, as in real life, each person has their own time. There will be those who want to make a video call quickly, those who prefer to wait and keep talking for a few weeks and those who want to skip this step and meet directly in person. Whatever the situation is between you and your match, respect is always fundamental. If you and your match have the same rhythm, great. And if this is not the case you can decide to wait or directly pass and look for another person who is better suited to us. Insisting excessively to make a video call to a person who does not want to will only bring us complications.

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