Why Messages Don’t Arrive On Telegram [Guide For Android]

Find out why messages don’t arrive on Telegram. Today we will see with this guide why on Telegram messages do not arrive. Telegram is one of the messaging applications that are most used in the world and can be useful to be able to exchange messages with friends and family, acquaintances, can be of great help to communicate with a group of users and much more. One thing that makes people prefer Telegram over other instant messaging apps that have more or less similar functions, is the aspect that concerns privacy, in fact many users feel safer when using this app on their devices. However, it might happen sometimes that Telegram doesn’t work exactly as it should, in particular you might experience the problem of messages not arriving, something very annoying, especially if you are waiting for a message that is very important. If you’re wondering why on Telegram messages don’t arrive, I suggest you then continue reading this guide, where you will find several solutions that will allow you to receive messages again on your Android device. As an example and for simplicity, we will take as reference an Android smartphone, since Telegram can also be used on other platforms such as tablets and PCs.

Make sure that the internet network is fully functional

If you can’t receive messages from someone when you’re using the Telegram app, I recommend that you first make sure that the internet network you’re connected to is working perfectly. As a test of the network, try opening the Browser to browse the various web pages, so you can more easily find out if there are any connection issues or not. If you can’t even open the web pages, it means that there is a problem with the network connection you are using, so you should try disabling and re-enabling the data connection with the appropriate button if you are using your carrier’s connection, or if you are using the Wi-Fi connection you should restart the router. You can also switch, if you have the possibility, from data connection to Wi-Fi and vice versa. If the messages aren’t arriving on Telegram because of the internet connection, you should solve it with the steps seen above, while if the internet connection you’re using doesn’t have any problems, then go to the next solution

Restart your device

If your internet connection works perfectly but you still can’t receive messages on Telegram, the second solution that I suggest you follow is to restart the device on which you are experiencing the problem. Proceed to restart your smartphone in the following way:

  • Press and hold the Power On/Off button on the phone.
  • Once you see the shutdown menu appear on the screen, tap on the Restart button.
  • Wait for the smartphone to restart and see if you can now receive notifications from Telegram

Update the application to its latest available version

It matters a lot that an app is always updated to its latest available version and this also applies to Telegram. Why does an app always need to be updated? Because it fixes bugs that were found in previous versions, so it increases the security and stability of the app, plus you will be able to make use of new features that might have been added by the developer. Messages might not reach you on Telegram due to a bug or some corrupted file, so with a new update you should easily fix it and bring the app back to its normal functioning. So proceed as follows to update Telegram to its latest available version:

  • Sign in to the Google Play Store
  • Search for Telegram using the search bar at the top.
  • Now if there is a new update, press the Update button

I recommend that you always keep all the apps you have on your phone updated. To easily figure out which apps need a new update, do the following:

  • Sign in to the Google Play Store
  • Tap on the circular icon of your account that you find next to “Search for apps and games”.
  • Now tap on Manage apps and device
  • Now tap on View Details and you will see all the apps that need an update
  • Now tap on the Update All button to update all the apps in the list

Make sure the problem is not due to the platform itself

You might not have to do anything because the fault of messages not arriving on Telegram is not up to you, but up to the platform itself. Maybe the developers of Telegram are doing some work or there was an attack or whatever, so the messages do not arrive for this reason. I suggest you to check from https://downdetector.it/problemi/telegram/ if there are any problems that have been reported by other users and if others complain of malfunctions, you can see it from the graph. So what to do if the messages on Telegram are not arriving because of the platform? You won’t have to do practically anything. You’ll simply have to wait for the problems to be solved by Telegram and the messages should arrive all at once once once everything has been solved by them.

Clear your cache

Still not getting messages on Telegram? It could be the cache acting up. Within the cache there are files that allow the Telegram app to run faster in this case. These cache files, however, may accumulate over time and in between updates, they may conflict with each other causing problems for the app. You can safely clear the cache files in the Telegram app as no settings, options, accounts, chats, groups, etc., will be affected, plus the cache will recreate itself automatically using the app. To clear Telegram’s cache, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the Settings app on your Android smartphone
  • Then go to App > App Management
  • Search for Telegram and tap on it to access the app’s About screen
  • Now enter Memory and tap on the Clear Cache button.
  • Check if Telegram is working normally again and you are able to receive messages.
  • Why no messages are arriving on Telegram: reinstall the app

As a last solution, if there really aren’t any problems with Telegram’s servers, if you’ve updated the app, if you’ve followed pretty much all the solutions seen above, you can try deleting and reinstalling the app. By deleting Telegram, you’re going to lose all the settings and options you’ve set though, as you’ll have to reinstall the app from scratch. If this is not a problem for you, proceed as follows to uninstall and reinstall Telegram:

  • Enter the Play Store
  • Search for the Telegram app using the search bar provided.
  • Once inside the Telegram page, tap on the button that says Uninstall
  • Once you’ve uninstalled the Telegram app, press the Install button
  • Open Telegram and configure the app again from scratch
  • Why messages don’t arrive on Telegram: conclusions

Telegram is a popular messaging app for users all over the world, however, it is not immune to problems. Among the problems that can occur with Telegram is the non-arrival of messages, but if you followed the solutions seen above, you should have managed to solve it. Until the next guide.