10 Gestures To Move Faster In Google Chrome On Your Cell Phone

Want to navigate more effectively? We teach you some gestures to move faster in Google Chrome on mobile.

When we surf the Internet from the mobile, most of the time what we do is some quick search. And to make it more efficient and take less time to do it, it comes in handy to learn some gestures to move faster in Google Chrome on mobile.

  • Go back: Want to return to the page you have previously visited? All you have to do is slide your finger to the right. A left arrow icon will appear. When you release your finger while the arrow is displayed, you will go to the previous page.
  • Go forward: If after going backwards you want to go back to the current page, the process will be just the opposite. All you have to do is slide your finger to the left. If you release it while an arrow appears on the screen, you will go to the next page.
  • Refresh the page: This is undoubtedly one of the most popular gestures. If you slide your finger down when you are on a website, it will reload the page. This is especially handy when you are browsing a site that is constantly being updated.
  • Tab view: If you want to see all the tabs you have open, you just need to swipe down from the address tab.
  • Close open tabs: If you want to close all the tabs you have open, you will first need to access the tab view by the traditional method or by the one explained above. Select the tab you want to close and slide it to the side until it disappears. It doesn’t matter if you slide it to the left or to the right, the tab will still be closed.
  • Tab flip: From the tab preview, if you swipe upwards, after three or four attempts you will see how the tab flips, which is useless but can be curious.
  • One touch menu options: To access a menu option, swipe down from the menu button and release when you get to the option you want.
  • Quick menu: We’re not sure if this is a gesture or a shortcut, but it will certainly help make your navigation a little faster. To access a quick menu with some options, just do a long press on the back button. A menu will appear in which we will find two options: open a new tab or show our complete history.
  • Another quick menu: With a long press on the open tabs button we can access to another quick menu with some options. In this case we will find the options to close tab, open a new one or open a new incognito tab.

How To Quickly Switch Between Tabs

Let’s finish our review of the gestures to use in Chrome with one of the most useful when we want to make a quick navigation. It is about learning how to quickly switch between tabs, so that when we have several pages open we can switch from one to another easily. This is ideal when we need to have several pages open at the same time.

To do this, all you have to do is slide your finger from left to right, but instead of doing it at the bottom, do it in the address bar.

Keep in mind that if you have open normal tabs and tabs in incognito mode with this gesture you can only move through the tabs of the same type. That is to say, if you are in a normal tab and you want to switch to incognito mode you will not be able to do it by this method, but you will have to do it manually. But if you have several tabs of the same type it is a very practical way.

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