Gadgets And Accessories for Home And Car Under Rs500 / Rs1000 / Rs2000

Gadgets And Accessories for Home And Car Under Rs. 500 / Rs. 1000 / Rs 2000

Find out Gadgets and accessories for home and car under Rs. 500/ Rs. 1000/ Rs. 2000 We’re checking out some really interesting accessories for around the house and in the car, so let’s get started with the first product.  Portable Bluetooth Speaker The first product on our list is this portable Bluetooth speaker. Now, this … Read more

Activate or deactivate the secure mode of Android

Activate or deactivate secure mode of android

Whenever a malfunction is triggered automatically or manually, Android’s secure mode helps you to solve problems while protecting your mobile. Learn how to Activate or deactivate the secure mode of Android in the event of a malfunction! Note: the secure mode does not only work automatically: you can also activate it manually whenever you want, … Read more

How to Install an APK file on an Android mobile

install-an apk-file-on-android

The application you are searching for isn’t or not available in Google Play Store? You can discover it somewhere else on the web and introduce it on your Android smartphone or tablet via an APK file. A generally straightforward activity. How to authorize the use of an APK file? Before you can introduce an application … Read more

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To Android

transfer contacts from android to android

In this blog, I am going to show you two methods of transferring contacts from one Android to another Android device  The first method  Open the Settings app and click on accounts. Tap your Google account, tap Sync account. Make sure that the context toggle is enabled for your contacts to Sync. when you sign in … Read more

how to download Fortnite on pc

download fortnite on pc

here’s how to download Fortnite on pc Navigate to official Website when you’re at your desktop open up your preferred browser and search for epic games Fortnite, Click the link from to get to the official fortnight landing page Choose the Download Platform on the top right click, the yellow button that says download … Read more

How to Make Undeletable Files & Folders in Windows 10/8/7

Undeletable files in windows

In this blog. you are going to learn how to make your files documents and photos UnDeleteable. Basically, if you want to delete something from your computer, you can delete it very easily You can just right-click on it and then click on delete and the file will be deleted very easily, but sometimes you will … Read more

Artificialintelligence in content creation: more than robots


The role of artificial intelligence in the writing industry is not limited to the content creation robots that have been talked about so much lately. There are many other ways in which this technology supports one of the most profitable branches of marketing and, surely, you may have been benefiting from some of them for … Read more

How to get that no beard filter In Snapchat | 2021

No-beard-filter snapchat

In this blog, I will go ahead and show you exactly how to get that no beard filter that a lot of people are doing on TikTok but funny enough the filter isn’t even on TikTok it’s actually Available on Snapchat so you have to make sure that you have a Snapchat account available and … Read more

What is Dispo App – Explained | Review | Invite – 2021

What is Dispo app

if you use social media frequently you might know about this application named dispo it has been in the buzz since February 2021 As it got released in February 2021 and it has also been the fourth most downloaded app on the app store so what’s this buzz all about? who created this application and … Read more

How To Edit a PDF File For Free – Easy & Fast Way 2021

How To Edit a PDF File For Free

If you want to edit a PDF file, then there are some options like you can get the Adobe Acrobat and edit a PDF file easily since PDF and Adobe Acrobat both are the product of Adobe software So it would be easy to edit PDF files And there is some third-party software as well … Read more