How Many Hours I Listened To Spotify In 2022

How much have you listened to Spotify? If you’re wondering how many hours I’ve listened to Spotify in 2022, you don’t need to wait until December to find out. We show you several options to find out.

At the end of each year, Spotify shows us how many minutes we have listened to music during the year via Spotify Wrapped. However, many users want to know without waiting for December. Of course, it is possible to find out how many hours I listened to Spotify in 2022 at any time of the year, as well as our favorite genres or favorite songs.

We can do this in several ways. Let’s start with the “official” way, through Spotify itself. We must access the Spotify website and select “Account”. There we will see a vertical bar with several sections, but click on “Privacy Settings”. Within this we have 2 options to know how many hours I have listened to Spotify in 2022:

Download data: We can download the data for the last year, which includes the history, lists and user data, including the minutes used. To do this, we select to send us an email to confirm the request. We will receive the information within 30 days at the latest.

Contact Spotify: In the “download your details” section you will find the “contact us” link. If you access it, you will be redirected to your e-mail, where you can request your profile information from the Swedish company.

We can also know how many hours I listened to Spotify in 2022 from other external applications. The most prominent is Spotistats, available for both Android and iPhone. Unfortunately, this information is only available in its premium version, which costs €3.59 for a one-time payment, without the need for periodic renewal.

Finally, many users will want to revisit Spotify Wrapped from previous years. Sadly it is impossible to return to the slides of previous years that Spotify showed us, but we can access the songs that we have listened to the most in each year since 2016. Simply click on the links below from a computer and select your yearly top:

How To See The Most Listened To On Spotify So Far In 2022

But how to see the most listened to on Spotify so far in 2022? As mentioned above, there are several apps that record and sort what we have listened to the most. To see it we will use Spotistats again, but this time we will use the free version. In the second icon of the bottom bar, the ascending graph, we can access our music top. It is possible to see the songs, artists and albums most listened to during the last 6 months. It is also possible to see what we have listened to the most during the last 4 weeks, that is to say the last month, and since we have Spotify.

Finally, Spotify offers a monthly summary of our tastes. Whether we have Premium or Free account, we can know who are our favorite artists or the 50 favorite songs of the month. Unfortunately, this is only possible on the computer. To do this, click on our name in the upper right corner and choose “Profile”, where the information will be displayed. On mobile we can only see our history, which can be accessed by clicking on the clock symbol in the upper right corner, between the icons of the bell (news) and the nut (settings).

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