How to create events with my Facebook account? – Tutorial Android, iOS and PC

Find out how to create events with my Facebook account. Facebook events are a very popular and useful tool if you know how to use it correctly, with these you can organize meetings with people, there you can get all the information, it is like a form of invitation.

It is also important to know that, when creating these events, there is a limit to the number of people you can invite, all this is necessary to know to avoid spam and the limit is 500 guests.

How to create your first public event on Facebook?

Through this you can communicate specific information, as well as confirm the presence or not and participate and you can create from public events, with access for everyone, as well as private. Just as you promote fanpages by publications, you can do the same with events.

When creating an event, you can do it through your Android device, iOS, or PC, you can create an event both public and private, then we will tell you how to do it.  

To create an event from your PC you must first log in, after that, access the news section, there, you will look for the events tab, which you will find on the left side. There you will have to select it and proceed to create the event.

You must click on the public event option, then click on next, then write the data requested there, such as the name of the event, the date, time and place, and also describe the event a little bit.

It is necessary to add keywords related to the event, to make it easier to share it with others. You can also invite them to a group, either public or private.

Choose who can edit and post to it, after this click on ‘Create’ once done this will go to the event you can invite people, add a cover photo or video for the event, you can share the posts you want and modify the event details.

To create an event from your Android or iOS device, the procedure is the same as from the PC, just follow the same steps and you can do it from your Android device.

What should you do to create private events on Facebook?

When creating a private event, you must do the following, access Facebook, go to news and then to events and click on the menu on the left.

You must click on create a new event, then select private event, this event can only be seen by your guests, once you have created it as a private event it will not be possible to configure it later as a public event.

Add the data, name, location, time, date and description of the event, then click on create and then you will have access to the event, where you can send invitations, add photo or video on the cover of the event and edit the details you want.

How can I edit the date and time of an event I have already created on Facebook?

In case you want to edit an event you have created, just do the following: click on events, select the event you want to edit, click on edit, you will be able to change the name, date, time, as well as the description and the people in charge of the event.

Once you have changed everything, click on update, taking into account that Facebook warns that you will not be able to make these changes if the event is a few days away.

How to invite many people to your first Facebook events?

In order to invite many people to your Facebook events, there is an addition of a ‘Select all’ button to make it easier for you to invite large groups of several dozen or more friends, preferably for public events.

Profile friends

After clicking on the event, when inviting friends you can select the ones you want to be invited or know about this event you are doing, if they don’t want to invite everyone you can select the ones you want to invite the most.

Groups or different chats

After clicking on the event and invite, in the menu on the left side you can send the invitation to groups, different chats or even to places or past events. After that, you can delete the group you want.

In this way, you can create private and public events, you will know how to invite specific people or large groups, always keeping in mind that there is a limit to avoid spam, follow all the steps and instructions that we gave you so your events will go very well.

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