How to DISABLE RANDOM MODE in SPOTIFY on your cell phone

Find out how to disable Random Mode in Spotify. When listening to a playlist the shuffle mode always comes in handy when we don’t want to listen to the songs in a linear order.

However, in the case of services such as Spotify, the shuffle mode is active by default, making the playback of the songs without following a sequence.

This has made many users of this platform wonder if there is a way to disable the shuffle mode in Spotify on mobile and be able to enjoy the songs of your favorite artist without skipping between one song or another. In this post we will give the answer to this question.

What is Spotify shuffle mode?

Spotify shuffle mode refers to a function available on this platform that when activated will start playing a list of songs randomly, that is, without following a normal order.

How to disable shuffle mode in Spotify for iPhone?

If you own an iPhone smartphone and want to know how to disable the shuffle mode in Spotify for this device we regret to inform you that you will not be able to do this if you are using the free version of this platform, since for this you will need to purchase the premium version of this service.

Once you purchase the paid version of Spotify you should be able to find a Play button with two intertwined arrows.

In case you have decided not to pay for the premium version of Spotify you will have to resign yourself to listen to the songs on your playlist in shuffle mode.

And it is precisely in the deactivation of the random order that lies the key to Spotify to get more subscribers to this version of the service, so that they can dispense with this function at the time they want and thus be able to listen to the songs of their favorite album in sequence or create their playlists to play the songs in the order they prefer.

How to disable shuffle mode in Spotify from Android?

If you are using Spotify from an Android smartphone and want to know how to disable shuffle mode on this device you should know that this can only be done if you have a premium subscription to this service.

In that sense, Spotify has a paid version that offers users the benefit of being able to disable the shuffle mode when playing a series of songs.

After purchasing the paid version of Spotify you must go to the bottom where you will find the Playing menu in which you can see the song that is being played at the moment.

There you can also notice the presence of a button with two intersecting arrows corresponding to the shuffle mode that when pressed will allow you to enable or disable the playback of songs in this mode on your Android phone.

Therefore, if you have the free version of Spotify you can only listen to the songs by playing them randomly. In the case of the lists created by the Spotify algorithm, you will have to listen to them in the order they are presented under the random mode.

Purchasing the paid version of Spotify is the only way you can exercise control over the playback order of the songs.

What if I can’t find the shuffle button on my Spotify?

One of the features that is always a part of every music player is the shuffle button. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a problem to find this button on Spotify when you put the songs to play, whether you do it from the app or the website of this service.

However, it is possible that the case may arise where you do not find the shuffle button on the Spotify interface. One way to solve this is to perform an update of this application.

On the other hand, it is likely that you have launched the playback of a playlist in automatic mode, a situation in which the shuffle button remains hidden. The reason to this lies in the fact that in automatic mode the songs displayed in the playlist cannot be skipped. So if you want the shuffle button to be visible you must first deactivate the automatic mode.