How to disable annoying Edge notifications about Bing

Find out how to disable annoying Edge notifications about Bing. Microsoft and its insufferable tactics.

Users who made the unfortunate decision to update the installation of their Edge web browser to version 91 on their computers have received an unpleasant and nasty surprise: a notification in the form of an absurdly intrusive window, where Microsoft “suggests” users to change their browser and default search engine.

The alert is appearing to users much more frequently than desired, and for several days in a row. It is therefore important for you to know why this is happening and (more importantly) how to solve this annoying problem.

A simply unbearable problem

This is the kind of practice that I consider to be criminal and reprehensible. And it’s not only Microsoft that is betting on this kind of strategy: practically all software developers are doing the same thing. Or have you forgotten that WhatsApp thought to beat those who did not want to accept its new usage policies by fatigue?

That’s right. The motivation for such an annoying notification appearing in the form of a pop-up window has no other goal: to beat the user by persistently sending such notifications to users constantly.

The problem (yes, friend reader: this is not a new feature or a peculiar software characteristic… it is a problem indeed…) has started to persistently appear for users who have recently upgraded to Edge 91.

In the window in question, Microsoft gives the “advice” on “using Microsoft’s recommended explorer configuration for first-class performance, privacy, and productivity.” Well, that’s subjective, since Bing’s big competitor in this regard is none other than Google.

And few things on this planet are more complete than Google.

When you select the first option in the box, the default browser changes to Edge and the default search engine becomes Bing, just the way Microsoft wants it. It’s not goodbye to Chrome and Google Search, but it is a way to establish those settings in an almost automated way, or a click away.

So… this is quite annoying, but it can be worked around. Fortunately, everything in this life has a solution.

How to disable Microsoft alerts in Edge

There is a very simple way to disable this notification sent by Microsoft on Edge and Bing. The problem is that Microsoft (for obvious reasons) does not disclose this information clearly to its users, nor does it want to.

This is one of the few effective weapons for Microsoft to try to convince Edge users to adopt Bing as the default search engine for their web browser. In normal temperature and pressure situations, the vast majority of users will use Google’s solution without a second thought.

We understand Redmond’s motivations, but we don’t agree with them. The alert is annoying and intrusive, and all users deserve to know how to disable the function to have a little more peace of mind when using their computer.

To remove the alerts in Edge, do the following:

  • Open Edge and paste the following into the address box chrome://flags (without the spaces).
  • Look for the edge-show-feature-responses flag
  • Select the drop-down menu and disable it
  • Restart the Edge browser
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