How to make ‘Group Rooms’ from WhatsApp Web? – Share the link

WHEN the pandemic started around 2020, instant messaging applications, including WhatsApp, were not as capable of making mass video calls, i.e. we could not make calls with more than 4 people or 5. 

Although these WhatsApp updates were growing arduously, nowadays we can count up to 50 people in the same video call. And you may wonder how can I make this room from my WhatsApp? This was the reason that inspired us to create this guide so you can learn how to make these video calls.

Where is the QR code to open WhatsApp Web on my computer?

In order to open WhatsApp web from your computer and find the QR code, you must have the WhatsApp application downloaded and then enter its website, after you have those two requirements, you must follow the steps that I am going to mention.

On my iOS device

As we mentioned before, to scan the QR code you must go to the chat section, and at the bottom of the screen where it says settings, then you will go to the option that says WhatsApp web.

After that, you will go to the WhatsApp web page, and place the phone camera on the QR code, this way it will scan it and you will be able to access your WhatsApp account from the computer.

From my WhatsApp application on Android

If your phone is Android, all you have to do is enter the WhatsApp application, and go to the top right of the screen where the three dots are, and click on the “linked devices” button. 

Once here, you will notice that all the accounts you have linked will appear, and the option to log out, more, however, if you have not opened your account on any computer, it is automatically open the camera on your phone, to scan the code.

Then you are going to go to the WhatsApp website, and place the camera on the QR code, this way you can start using your WhatsApp web. 

On the other hand, this web version not only allows you to send messages, since you can also delete a status update that you have placed from your phone, or add one from its web version.

What is the procedure to create a meeting room on my WhatsApp Web?

To create a WhatsApp room, the first thing to do is to go to the website, then go to the three dots next to your profile picture.

Next, you must touch the option that says create rooms, you will start the room, however, there is another way to create these rooms, which is entering directly from this chat or group with which you want to make the video call.

However, you must know that to be able to do this, there must be at least 5 or more people in the room, then tap on group call, create a room.

 After this, WhatsApp will ask you to redirect you to Messenger, because this feature is not yet integrated directly into WhatsApp, and can only be done through a Facebook room, so it is essential that you have a Facebook account to create your room from WhatsApp.

 Then you will start the room with your name, then you must activate your camera to start the call, and finally you must wait for the people in the group or profile to enter it.

How to share the link of my meeting room to invite my friends in WhatsApp Web?

To be able to share the meeting link and invite your friends, you must start the room with the steps described above; when you are in it you will go to the option to view participants of the call.

When you are in this option you will notice that at the bottom there is a link, which you must copy and send it to your friends, by any means of instant messaging, so that they can access the room, no matter if they do not have a WhatsApp Messenger account, since if they have a Facebook or Instagram account they can also enter the room.

How can I delete a meeting room when I no longer want to use it?

In order to delete the rooms, you must go to the previously described option, which is to view participants, so it will give us to the side of that there is a configuration option ⚙, in which you can end the call. 

And in this way will be embroidered the meeting, in turn also allows you to block participants, ie not allow more people to access the room, in this way, you will have a video call control.

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